Orcas Island Vacation

Daddy’s cousin, Carrie, was getting married on Orcas Island this last weekend, so we made the trip across the state for it.


We took a ferry over to the island. We rented a house, and this was the view from the backyard. Beautiful! We rented the house with Na na, Ba ba, Uncle Jaron, Uncle Bob, Aunt Penny, Aunt Janet, and Uncle Terry. It was a big house and there was lots of space!

Aunt Janet and Uncle Terry aren’t on Carrie’s side of the family and just came up for fun, so I got to hang out with them while everyone else went to the wedding. This meant that I was happy playing and Mommy and Daddy were having an enjoyable night away!


Mommy and Daddy sat up on the balcony for the wedding and had a great view!




Mr. and Mrs. Nate and Carrie Korynta!


Everyone having a fun night at the wedding! Congratulations Nate and Carrie!


The next day Mommy, Daddy, and I went to explore the beach and enjoy the beautiful day.


Finding seashells in the sand.




Climbing over logs with Daddy. I love it when he counts to three and I can take a big jump off of the log.



Silly face!


Drawing in the sand. When asked what I was drawing, I replied, “Lainey.”


Walking hand-in-hand with Daddy.

It was a great weekend on the island. We stayed for three nights. We had time to play games and sit around the fireplace. We also had time to go shopping, visit the local bakery, and explore the beach. Such a fun weekend with a special wedding!

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