A Trip to Seattle!

Mommy and I took a couple of days this week to go visit Mommy’s friend, Courtney, and Courtney’s boyfriend, Matt, in Seattle. We had so much fun!


It took us about six hours to get there. As soon as we arrived, we went to the park to get all of my energy out!


I loved this slide!




I see you!


The next morning, we started the day by going for a walk around Green Lake.


It was beautiful!


After a quick nap, we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo. We ended up arriving right around feeding time, which was perfect. We had some amazing luck with animal sightings!!


They look so cuddly. I didn’t understand why Mommy wouldn’t let me pet them.


I wasn’t exactly thrilled about sitting on the lion’s head.


Mommy let me visit with him on my own. I was brave initially, but about two seconds after I touched one of his teeth, I turned around and ran the other direction. I’ll work up to this for next time.


Here is one of the two sloth bear cubs. We had such a great view of them. We even got to watch them jump on their mom’s back and ride around.


Here was my lion friend. At home, I have learned to start growling like a lion. I wouldn’t do it in front of him, but as soon as I got to the monkeys, I let out a loud roar. A little delayed, but it sure entertained the crowd.


Right after this picture was taken, this orangutan put his face right up to mine and tapped right where my finger was touching the glass. He stayed that way for about a minute. Mommy thought it was so much fun, but that was WAY too much for me to handle. There’s another thing I’ll work on for next time.


See that brown bear in the distance? You know, the really large, furry, smelly animal? As soon as I saw him, I said, “Da da.”


Yep! Looks exactly like my daddy.


Our last stop at the zoo was the penguin habitat.


I loved being able to see them swimming around and jumping in the water.


After the zoo, we went home to bed, and then had to leave the next morning. It was a short, but fun trip! I sure wish that Courtney and Matt lived closer. They are pretty neat!

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