Super Bowl

We had a fun Super Bowl party at my house. We invited a bunch of people over to watch the game and to eat some delicious food. For those who wanted to participate, we had a hat-making contest.


Daddy made me a Super Bowl hat with a bowl on top. Silly Daddy!


It had peas, carrots, and bananas in it, which are some yummy super foods.


Daddy was rooting for the 49ers, so he made “The 9-er Shriner” hat.


Mommy was also rooting for the 49ers.


I just wanted to eat her hat. It was so tempting!


Clara made a fun hat! She was one of the winners of the contest.


Clara actually made two hats, so her mommy also got to wear one.


Jacob spent the entire first half of the game working on his hat.


Jacob and Celisse with their hats. Jacob was easily the other winner of this contest!


In the second half of the game, everyone enjoyed some grabbers from Ferdinand’s.


Oh boy, they sure looked yummy! I didn’t get one, but Mommy promised that I can have one when I’m older.


Here is the gang watching the game. It was a really fun Super Bowl! I can’t wait for next year!

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