My Preschool Graduation

Story told by: Brody

After quite the crazy end to the school year with two months of distance learning, I had my last day of preschool last Friday! We celebrated by going to the preschool for a quick and socially-distanced Aloha Day.

A picture of me with my two incredible teachers!

After my teachers gave me a little gift, they sang my final blessing song ever.

After five straight years of Robinsons at this preschool, we are now completely done. Mommy feels a little emotional about that. We have been so grateful to this school for being such a great start for all of us!

There was a fun photo booth to enjoy!

I challenged Mommy to pick me up for the photo booth by saying, “I’m really heavy. Can you pick me up?” So of course she had to go for it!

And Sarah even snuck in there for a quick picture.

Since we couldn’t do our typical preschool graduation, the teachers planned a Saturday morning drive-by graduation. Before they arrived, we decorated and took some pictures in my graduation shirt.

When they arrived, we got a quick picture.

Then they presented my cross, my diploma, and my four words that describe me: creative, friendly, tenderhearted, and affectionate.

The whole crew of preschool teachers. I have been lucky enough to be taught by each of them, and I love them so much!

I am ready for kindergarten! (But was also a little nervous that I was going to have to start right away, so I felt a little better when Mommy told me that I don’t have to start for a few months.)

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