Mother’s Day 2020

Story told by: Mommy

(Note by Lainey – We have decided to allow Mommy to tell her own story this year about Mother’s Day. Enjoy things from her perspective!)

Everyone slept in until 7:15, which was a Mother’s Day miracle! Kylan got up about 30 minutes before me to put up the art that the kids had created.

I loved coming down to this special banner!

We watched church upstairs while I puzzled and drank coffee. Pretty great way to listen to the sermon!

Kylan ran out to get me a coffee so we could sit and watch the kids play! We’re sitting in front of the house on the new bench Kylan got me for Mother’s Day. I also asked for flowers in my pots, so that’s what he and the kids spent time doing yesterday! He also surprised me by ordering a new patio couch for the deck off of our bedroom. It should have arrived days ago, and he was hoping I could be having my morning Mother’s Day coffee on it. But unfortunately with shipping messed up by Corona virus, it won’t be here for a few more days. I’m still very excited for it!

The weather was incredible today, so we enjoyed being outside a lot!

Kylan got some good pictures with me and my three favorites who call me Mom.

Next I wanted to redeem ourselves in a t-ball game against the kids where Kylan and I lost during our last game.

Thank goodness we crushed them! (But actually had to work for it. I’m sure they’ll be beating us quite easily in just a couple of years.)

Once we got home, the kids got some screen time while we got some deck time! Kylan hung up the sign my parents got me for my birthday!

My main request of the day was that I wanted the black bean dip from La Casa Lopez. When Kylan found out that they were unfortunately closed, he was a rock star and made the most INCREDIBLE bean dip! I truly didn’t even miss the dip from La Casa Lopez. Such a treat!

And a Moscow Mule was involved!

We ate all of the dip. And an entire bag of chips.

Then cookies arrived. Needless to say, we didn’t even cook the steak we’d been planning on. We were happily stuffed!

Henry had a sweet card for me.

Lainey did the dinner dishes.

And then she and Brody had a dance prepared for me!

We ended the night with more puzzling and “The Masked Singer.” It was a fantastic Mother’s Day with my favorite people!

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