Our Visit with Grandma and Grandpa

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa last week! While we started off big with Valentine’s Day and Henry’s birthday party (and birthday), we had many other fun moments in between.

I got to go on my date first with Grandpa. I chose to go to Zoe’s for breakfast. Yum!

Later that day we went to see the children’s movie matinee, “Arctic Dogs.” The boys wanted their picture taken.

And then we introduced Grandpa to a fun new game we’ve been enjoying since Christmas.

Henry got these tall socks from Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy had to snap this picture to remember how much he loves tucking his pants into the socks.

Mommy and Grandma spent all day on Wednesday shopping for new decorations for the house. They filled the car to the brim.

On Wednesday night we were all supposed to go to the men’s basketball game, but the boys were exhausted, and Mommy and Grandma were working on house projects, so just me and Grandpa went to the game.

Go Cougs!

Lots of popcorn!

While we were at the game, Mommy and Grandma were getting started on transforming this buffet table.

They were just supposed to focus on hanging up wall decorations this week, but Grandma nonchalantly suggested they could refinish the buffet table, and there’s no way Mommy is going to turn down that kind of help. But it made for many late nights!

The next morning while Mommy was out running errands, Grandpa changed her letter board sign. He’s hilarious.

This fixture used to be gold, but Mommy and Grandma sprayed it black. So much better!

Grandpa picked Brody up from preschool to head to his date of choice, Zeppoz for pizza and bowling!

While we were at school and Brody was on his date with Grandpa, this is what Mommy and Grandma were doing…coat number two on the buffet table (plus all of the hangings on the wall).

Grandpa also had to stop with Brody at Starbucks to get a sparkly cup that he’s been wanting for awhile.

We came home to find they also got us each our own cup. So fun!

After school we went to Ferdinand’s for ice cream!

Mirabel got to come with us!

On Friday the work continued. Knobs started going on the cabinet.

And Daddy started prepping my room to paint. I’ve been soooo patient! I could have picked a brighter color for my room, but I really like the gray they have been doing throughout the house, so I requested the same. Easy peasy for Mommy and Daddy!

On Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for my basketball game. I am really starting to enjoy this sport! It was an intense game that ended in a tie after overtime, but it was a lot of fun for the adults to watch!

Some things started arriving that Mommy and Grandma had ordered. This map was one Daddy actually had his eye on, and they thought it was perfect for the entryway!

Last but not least, Henry and Grandpa went on their date to the exotic Taco Bell.

It was Henry’s request, and he ate 1 1/2 burritos!

While they were on their date, Grandma hung new backpack hooks to help with some entryway organization.

We went to see the new Sonic movie that afternoon, and Grandma and Grandpa bought us the fun snack packs.

Mermaid origami!

And FINALLY…the buffet table was done!! It was much more than they expected, but they love the end result!

And sadly the next morning, Grandma and Grandpa had to leave the house at 3:45 a.m. to head home. We are going to miss them so much!

At least they were on a good plane out of Pullman!

Mommy and Daddy spent the rest of the day putting my room back together after Daddy completed the painting. I got a new rug, a new bedding set, and a new chair that I was SO EXCITED about!

I love it!!

Mommy had also ordered a new art organizer, so I begged to help organize the messy art room, and then use the label maker on the new art organizer.

I was SUPER helpful!!

We threw stuff away, gave stuff away, and relocated a few things to make for a much cleaner art/toy closet!

Cleaning was a therapeutic way to deal with Grandma and Grandpa leaving!

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