Valentine’s Weekend, 2020

Story told by: Lainey

We had a fantastic Valentine’s weekend!

We started Valentine’s Day morning with festive doughnuts and heart-shaped strawberries.

We exchanged a few cards in the morning. I made special art for Daddy.

Then the boys and I got ready to head to our fun day at school.


Mommy did a fun heart in my hair!

Ava, Kenley, and I had matching dresses planned for school, but Kenley hadn’t been feeling well, so when we thought she might not make it school, Mr. Randall made sure to include her in our picture via Photoshop.

But then Kenley came mid-morning, and the day was made right!

Ava’s mom, Mrs. Strader, asked to take our picture seconds after I had just received my pizza for lunch. This is the look I’m going to give you if you ask me to not eat my delicious pizza.

More friends from my class.

Meanwhile Brody was having a fun morning in preschool. They exchanged Valentines.

Played games.

And ate delicious food.

Brody made this very special card for Mommy.

Brody also made this for Mommy. He said, “I made these to look like you because you’re pokey.” Cool, Brody.

The BEST part of Valentine’s Day is that Grandma and Grandpa flew in just in time for our special dinner!

Shirley Temples!

After dinner comes presents!

We’ve been watching some of the older Star Wars movies with Daddy, so we got new shirts!

Then for dessert was cherry chocolate chip cake. Yum!

Gma and Gpa sent us a fun package that included balloons. It was the perfect way to end the night.

I’ve been playing basketball for the past few weeks, and I’m really starting to enjoy it. On Saturday morning I had a game!

My little brothers find many ways to entertain themselves while I play basketball.

In my first game, I didn’t touch the ball. Last week in my second game, I dribbled the ball once. My goal for this game was to attempt to shoot the ball once. I beat my goal by attempting FOUR shots! And I rocked defense.

My team won! We’re now 2-1. I came running off the court saying, “I love basketball!”

On Saturday night we had a babysitter while the adults went to Merry Cellars Winery for a special six-course dinner.

It was beautiful!

The Knights and O’Loughlins joined them there.

The wine and the food were delicious!

Mommy got to sit next to Darrel, and they became quick friends.

Incredible dessert!!

Perfect food, perfect wine, perfect friends.

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