My Sixth Birthday Party – Henry

Story told by: Henry

I had my sixth birthday party yesterday! I chose a LEGO theme since I’m loving LEGOs so much lately!

We spent the early part of the afternoon getting ready for the party.

Gift bags for each of my guests.

Lainey took it upon herself to make signs for each of my friends.

She is the best party-planning assistant.

She also made this sign for the front door.

Daddy stayed very busy as well.

But he did actually make this super cool sign for me!

Time to get this party started!

When my friends arrived we dug into the snacks.

Then we got creative with LEGO glasses, and Mommy just had to get a picture of all of us.

But we were allll over the place for this picture.

Then when we saw a glimpse of sun, we ran outside for the pinata. This was the one item I requested and cared most about having for my party.

But the sun didn’t last long, and then the snow/hail started. After we all took turns, I finished off the pinata and showed it who was boss.

After we came back in, we had a LEGO relay race where each of our teams worked to scoop LEGOs onto a spoon and then walk to the other end of the room to fill up a cup. It was a close race, but Desmond, Brody, and Daniel were the winners!

Next up, was LEGO tower building. We worked in our groups to build the tallest tower we could in three minutes. Lainey was our judge.

Our first round winners are on the right.

We had to get down on ground level to determine the winner of round two, but the middle won by just the smallest amount.

For the last round, we each got to build individual towers.

Elijah and I were neck and neck, but Elijah ended up winning with this tall yellow tower. Well done!

Then it was time for cupcakes.

And presents!

I was so surprised and excited for my presents!

We ended the party with building LEGO creations and running around the house. Seems pretty perfect to me. Thank you to all of my friends for coming to celebrate with me! I had such a great time!

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