Housewarming Party

Story told by: Lainey

After being in our house for 2 1/2 months, we decided it was time for a housewarming party! We sent out an all-call to our friends because the more the merrier!

The party was mid morning, so we had a mimosa bar.

We also had lots of yummy breakfast foods.

I made signs for everyone so they would know what to do upon arriving.

We had a craft station for all of the kids.

Let the party begin!

Kids alternated between crafts and movies.

Our 2020 crowns!

One of our favorite parts of the party was this challenge we gave to our guests. They had to take a silly picture somewhere in the house. Not everyone participated, but we had a good amount of people join in on the fun. Here come the silly pictures…

Liz is disgusted with the boxes still holding our still-to-be-hung items.

Checking out our newly painted bathroom!

The Lenssens chose to take a picture with Lainey’s shower that opens to the deck.

Mommy’s book club friends doing what they do best.

Mommy’s friend, Katie, took it one step further and photoshopped the creepiest doll onto the bed.

But the winners of this challenge were Ashley and Elias. They took Mommy’s old Instagram photos, and then recreated them in the house.

Thank you to everyone who participated! These were so much fun to look through when the party was over!

Such a great party! Our house is officially warmed and our hearts are full!

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