Thanksgiving Week, 2019

Story told by: Lainey

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving Break!

I got to kick it off on Friday night by having Mirabel over for a sleepover. We tried to make bath bombs, but it turned into sludge.

So we took our sludge, some pre-made bath bombs, and chocolate right into the tub. It was perfect!

Early on Saturday morning, Daddy and Henry went up to Spokane for Henry’s last tournament of the season. It was Henry’s biggest tournament yet – the Bigfoot Tournament. They rent out the Spokane Convention center for it. Here are Henry and his buddy, Pierce.

Henry wrestled three times. He pinned his first two guys right away, but the third guy was a real fight. Henry ended up beating him, though, and came away with a gold medal! We’re so proud of him!

Soon after Henry and Daddy got home, the babysitter came over so Mommy and Daddy could go to the football game. They got there early enough to get a Mike Leach talking head.

After quite a game against Oregon State, the Cougs had four seconds to get a touch down to win…and THEY DID IT!! Such a fun ending! Cougs are now bowl eligible!

After church on Sunday, we put up the tree! Lots of Christmas music, yummy food, and children fighting over ornaments.

Our new ornament for the tree.

Mommy came into the room to find that Henry had attached a hook to our Christmas tree timer and had placed it on the tree.

While we worked inside, Daddy got the outside ready! He did a great job!

On Monday we met the Straders at Planet 3. Ava and I had a blast.

After Planet 3, I asked Mommy to take us to Wal-Mart so I could use all of my allowance to buy a tree (and ornaments) for my room. Ava and I had a blast decorating it.

Next up was lunch at McDonald’s!

On Tuesday Mac and Ivy came over to play. We got to make some fun turkey treats for snack.

Later that night Ava’s family picked me up to head to the last home Cougar volleyball game.

We got to go down to the gym floor after the game to meet the players.

We even got matching shirts with one of the players on it!

On Wednesday morning Brody helped Mommy make cranberry sauce. So yummy!

Mommy lost a bet to Daddy, so she owed him coffee at work. We all delivered it!

We met the O’Loughlins and the Kings at the science center on Wednesday morning.

And then met everyone to see “Frozen II” that afternoon.

We all REALLY enjoyed it!

Elf normally comes sometime on Thanksgiving, so I wrapped a present for him and left it out on Wednesday night.

He surprised us by coming right away on Thanksgiving morning. He was wearing the super hero outfit we got for him!

Elf brought us a fun LEGO advent calendar.

This is the first time in many years that Mommy hasn’t had to think about putting in a turkey, so we got to have a lazy morning watching the parade!

Around noon Mommy had to pull it together to make this super tough side for Thanksgiving. (Mommy offered to make baked mac and cheese, but no way! We want Kraft!)

We all headed over to the Knight’s house around 1 to get the festivities going.

Mommy sure has some sweet friends.


Dinner prep.

Dinner time! Since we don’t have family close to us, we are so grateful to friends who have become family!

After a great time at the Knight’s house, we came home to watch “Elf,” and we had to make sure that Elf joined us.

Friday was Apple Cup!! But before Apple Cup, I did some shopping and a coffee (hot chocolate for me) date with Mommy.

Next Brody got to go on a date with Daddy.

While they were gone, we got started on our Christmas puzzle.

300 pieces! Done!

And finally it was Apple Cup time! Sadly, though, the Cougs lost. For the seventh year in a row. The boys have yet to see a Cougar Apple Cup win in their lifetime. Hopefully we’ll get ’em next year!

On Saturday morning we woke up to this message from Elf. It’s our night for “Polar Express!”

Henry ran some errands with Mommy, and then it was time for his date. He requested picking out a new LEGO set and then building it with Mommy over lunch at Southfork.

That night we started getting things ready for Polar Express. Brody helped to make the train track.

Henry helped to put wheels on the train, and I helped to add snow to the scene.

After a yummy dinner, we had our tickets punched by Conductor Daddy.

Then when the snacks came out on the train, we ran upstairs to get our own treats.

A normal moment of annoyance between these two.

We took our treats and hot chocolate back downstairs to enjoy the rest of the movie. We love our Polar Express night!

We ended the fun-filled week with a fun Advent Craft Night at church!

The snow globes were our favorite crafts.

Sean helped me for quite awhile on making a pillow.

And LeeAnn helped Henry.

It was a great night! We had such a fantastic week off from school. We can’t wait for more time together in just a few weeks!

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