Halloween, 2019

Story told by: Brody

We had a great Halloween week! We started with our church trunk or treat on Sunday.

All of us came up with the theme of “Toy Story,” so we decorated the back of our car like the claw and the aliens from the movie.

We had a table by our car where kids could make a Forky craft.

And I was dressed up as the real life Forky!

Our whole family!

Mommy and Daddy stayed up waaaaay too late making these, but they couldn’t let us down!

The claw in action!

Lainey got vampire teeth during the trunk or treat.

Going through our trunk or treat loot.

There were crafts afterwards.

And a short movie.

Followed by a yummy dinner! Such a fun event!

On Monday my preschool had our pumpkin party. Here is my class and our wonderful costumes.

Silly faces. (My face oddly stayed the same.)

Mommy was able to come be part of the party.

Sprinkles with a side of cupcake.

On Wednesday we had Nocturnal Day. We got to dress up in our PJs and bring a stuffed animal. I chose the tiniest stuffed animal, and Mommy warned me it could be lost easily in the dark, but I insisted on it.

And here’s the video my teacher sent to Mommy. What are we doing you ask? We’re searching for my stuffed animal that Mommy warned me wasn’t a great idea! Thank goodness my friend, Orrin, found it.

On the same day as my Nocturnal Day, Lainey and Henry had their big costume parade at school. Mommy couldn’t attend, but one of Mommy’s friends managed to catch a picture of Lainey!

Lainey had a half day on Wednesday due to parent-teacher conferences (and no school on Halloween and Friday for the same reason), so we came home to have a very spooky lunch.

Ava came home with us after school on Wednesday and played at our house all day. She got to come to our church event that night. We painted pumpkins!

And played fun games!

On Halloween morning I had an asthma check-up with Dr. Mike, so we thought dressing up in costumes would be fun!

After my appointment we went to Papa Murphy’s because they were giving away free personal size pizzas to kids in costume. Win!

We also got a pumpkin pizza for dinner!

And after waiting all day long, it was FINALLY time for trick or treating!

We kept our coats off as long as we could possibly stand the 30-degree weather.

Lainey was pumped that not only did she get to trick or treat at her teacher’s house, but that he was also handing out full-size candy bars!

We met up with the Knights and the O’Loughlins for more trick or treating!

The whole crew of freezing adults!

Henry and I were ready to go home way before Lainey, so Mommy and Daddy brought us home while Lainey kept trick or treating with our friends. We turned on our lights and got to help hand out candy. Trick or treaters were greeted by this sign that Lainey made on our door.

When we weren’t handing out candy, we were eating our own candy.

Lainey went back to the Knight’s house to count her loot.

And eat bags of candy and Cheetos. Perfect way to end the night!

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