Uncle Jar Jar Gets Married!

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great trip to Illinois to see Uncle Jar Jar and Aunt Ericka get married!

We stayed in a hotel in Spokane because we had a super early flight the next morning.

Layover in Las Vegas where we found a yummy treat.

Arrived in St. Louis!

A yummy dinner at Pasta House with Grandma and Grandpa.

We love that Grandma and Grandpa have pets, so as soon as we woke up, we were playing with the dogs and cats.

This moment captured by Grandpa.

We started with a fun trip to Rader Farms! This place is amazing!

Mommy and Daddy raced. Daddy won…barely!

Then all of us kids. I won!

Since we had moved two days prior to this trip, our lives were a little chaotic. Daddy forgot to bring a sweatshirt or jacket or long sleeves of any kind, so thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa have plenty of warm clothes to share!

Grandma and Grandpa let us each pick out a pumpkin.

And they also bought pumpkin spice donuts. Yummmmm!

Henry helped get the pumpkins to the car.

The next day we drove up to Chicago for the wedding rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we went out for the rehearsal dinner. Here is Mommy with two of her brothers, Jeff (Uncle Juncle) and Jared (Uncle Jar jar).

We started wedding day by going out for breakfast and playing at the park with Mommy’s cousin, Ryan.

We also got to ride in the convertible!

After the park, we went to the hotel pool with Daddy while Mommy and Grandma went to get ready with Aunt Ericka and the bridesmaids.

Time for the wedding!

Mommy and Ryan got to walk down the aisle together.

They’re married!! The rest of the night was a big party.

Mommy with her cousins, Lauren, Ellen, and Jennifer.

Dancing with Aunt Mary Ellen.

Such a fun night! Congratulations to Uncle Jar Jar and Aunt Ericka!


The cousins got a cousin picture early the next morning before we all went our separate ways. Mommy had fun seeing everyone.

We realllly love Uncle Jar Jar because we missed a Cougar home game to be in Illinois for his wedding. But we made sure to wear our Coug gear loud and proud!

A trip the candy store!

We found friends to sit with. Then we went to breakfast with Sue and Greg…but Mommy failed to take a picture. They had sweet gifts for us, and lots of laughs. It was fun to spend time together.

Next up…Brookfield Zoo with Aunt Lori and Ryan.

We happened to be there on Boo! at the Zoo day, so it was fun to trick or treat for candy while walking around the zoo.

My favorite animals to see were the dolphins.

Brody was our tour guide.

The monkeys were pretty neat to see.

But the coolest part was the gorillas during feeding time. This was Henry’s favorite animal to see.

The rhinoceros was Brody’s favorite animal we saw.

When we get tired, we get Mommy and Daddy rides.

A successful day!

Then we rushed home to watch the Cougs have a great game!

The next morning Brody got to help Grandma make pancakes for breakfast.

But I had to do homework. Boo. (But I suppose that’s what happens when you miss school to go on vacation.)

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and enjoying the awesome weather.

Carving pumpkins!

Brody wanted nothing to do with it, so Mommy carved his pumpkin for him.

But I did my pumpkin all on my own, and Henry did a lot of his on his own.

Check out my bunny, Brody’s butterfly, and Henry’s Batman!

We were there for Grandma and Grandpa’s 35th wedding anniversary, so the adults got to have a special night out while we stayed with a babysitter.

They went to a neat Speakeasy. There’s no sign outside the restaurant, you need a password to get in, and the door is hidden.

They did “The Experience,” which is a five-course meal. Delicious!


It was a fun night out!

On our last full day in Illinois, we started with a donut run by Grandpa.

Then the park.

And then the American Ninja Warrior place. This place was incredible!

Henry must have tried this at least 50 times. He finally made it up once with a little of this guy’s help, and a second time all on his own!

The next day we were up early to drive to St. Louis for our flight. The boys were already fighting and whining before we even entered the airport. Oh joy. We are sure going to miss Grandma and Grandpa!

Moving walkways always stop the whining!

After a long flight to San Diego, a long layover in San Diego, a late flight to Spokane, and then the drive home, we got in just a little past midnight. Feels good to be home!

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