My First Day of Kindergarten

Story told by: Henry

I have been SO excited to go to the big kid school! Today was finally the day!

I got to start the day with my special cereal. It tasted exactly like Sour Patch kids!

Breakfast with everyone!

Our traditional picture before we left the house. I found these fox ears at a store a few days ago, and since my school’s mascot is a fox, I insisted that I wear these for my pictures!

A picture with Brody who had his first day of preschool today as well.

Showing off my new backpack. I chose Hot Wheels.

In front of my new school!

Grandma and Grandpa had to fly home while I was in school, but it was really fun to have them come to drop me off.

A picture with my wonderful teacher, Mrs. Strader. We adore her!

We had a few minutes to play out on the playground before school started.

Desmond, Elijah, and I are all in different kindergarten classes, but we are excited to get to see each other at recess.

Daddy had a meeting canceled, so he was able to surprise me at the school.

And there I go into my classroom! I don’t know anyone in my class, but I don’t mind one bit. When Mommy asked what I was most looking forward to about kindergarten, I said, “Making new friends.”

Mrs. Strader sent Mommy this picture of me using Play-Doh to make letters.

She also sent Mommy a picture of Ava (Mrs. Strader’s daughter) and Lainey who came to check on me at recess. Lainey looked out for me all day.

A picture of my class!

And at the end of the day, out we come! I had tired eyes, but a big smile.

Elijah had a good day as well.

But check out these hot and tired kindergarteners. These long days will be an adjustment.

We got to get some yummy cookies at the Co-Op after school!

An overview of my day (as told by a very tired boy)!

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