My First Day of Second Grade

Story told by: Lainey

I got to start second grade at my new elementary school today!

I started the day with my special first-day-of-school cereal I picked out.

I knew I HAD to have this jumpsuit for the first day of school. When Mommy reminded me that today was going to be 93 degrees, I said, “I’ll probably be hot, but I have to wear this because it’s so cute.”

I recently decided that I want to be a veterinarian so I can work with animals.

I was very nervous last night about starting a new school, but I was much more excited about it today!

It’s fun to have Grandma and Grandpa here for this special day.

Ani is a grade older than me, but it was helpful to have a familiar face right off the bat.

My teacher, Mr. Randall. I’m excited to have my “first boy teacher” ever.

Mommy waited with me on the playground until I felt comfortable, but pretty darn quickly I told her that she could leave. I was feeling ready!

These three kindergarteners get to start on Tuesday. They are anxious for their turn at school!

And then before I knew it, it was time for the end of the day. It was a fantastic day! Mirabel and I aren’t in the same class, but Mommy got a picture of us together after school.

We went to celebrate a successful first day with Ferdinand’s ice cream.

Over ice cream I told everyone that I think Mr. Randall is going to be really fun, that I loved recess, and that I’m already making some new friends.

An overview of my day!

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