Leavenworth Camping Trip

Story told by: Henry

We had a great last camping trip of the summer this past weekend! We went to the KOA in Leavenworth.

After a few years of use, our old tent needed replacement, so this was our first time using the new tent we bought this past week. It’s a little smaller, but worked perfectly!

After getting set up, we went to the campground pool.

Then back to the campsite to wait for dinner to be ready.


Brody prefers just the tortilla with nothing in it.

While we were waiting for the Campbells to arrive (they got stuck in traffic), we went down for a walk on the river.

Mommy told us we weren’t going to swim in the river, but we could go in to our ankles.

But we couldn’t resist….and soon we were in, clothes and all!

After some impromptu swimming, we rode bikes. Lainey found a creative way to take her American Girl along for a ride.

Once the Campbells arrived and set up their tent, we got a fire going for s’mores!

On Saturday morning, Daddy snuck out of the tent and had coffee waiting for Mommy when we all woke up. He’s the best!

Exploring the woods and eating gummy bears by 8:45 a.m. The best.

Baylen and I were good buddies this weekend.

We were expecting afternoon thunder and lightning, so we made sure to get our pool time in the morning.

After lunch we headed into Leavenworth to explore the shops.

First stop was the Christmas store!

We each got to pick out our ornament for the year.

Brody loves baking, so this was perfect for him.

I can’t wait for wrestling season to start!

Ice cream was a must stop!

Sixteen years of friendship for these two!

We went into some cool toy shops and used our allowance to buy a toy.

We had some afternoon rain and lightning, so we watched a show in the tent while the storm passed.

Karl made delicious ribs for dinner.

Campground chess.

Lainey created a fun game to entertain Baylen.


Tent monster.

Late night playing at the playground.

After the kids went to bed, the adults played their annual game of Mexican Train.

Karl made it interesting by making the last few rounds a speed version of Mexican Train. (Daddy aptly named it “Bullet Train.”) Each adult had 11 seconds to make their decision, and then they had to move on. It was intense, but did get the adults into bed before midnight! And Daddy was the winner!

We had more playground time on Sunday morning while the adults packed up the campsites.

We went to play some mini-golf before leaving town.

Our mini-golf rules are very flexible.

But it turns out if you go mini-golfing with overtired kids, there’s going to be lots of whining. And complaining. And meltdowns. Don’t the adults know better than this?!

Lunch together!

A pancake as big as Brody’s head!

It was a great weekend! Can’t wait to do this with the Campbells again next year!

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