Robinson Campout, 2019

Story told by: Henry

We went to Maryhill State Park this past weekend for the annual Robinson campout!

Halfway through our drive we came upon our favorite store, The Country Mercantile. We got to wander the aisles and pick out eight pieces of candy. Brody’s mouth was too full of candy to show his excitement for this picture.

Once we arrived, Lainey got right to entertaining our cousins, Vern and Matthew.

There were over 50 family members camping, so we had to get creative with where we put our tent. In order to avoid the middle-of-the-night sprinklers, we had to camp on the pad for the picnic table, which meant duct taping over a sharp table attachment so it didn’t poke through our tent.

Before and after dinner we went swimming in the Columbia River.

Dinner time!

Rice Krispie treats from Na Na!

We played many board games this weekend.

A surprise 60th birthday party for Aunt Tina.

Back for swimming way past our bedtime. That’s what camping is all about!

Lainey went with Molly’s family to check out the star presentation up the hill.

While they went to see the stars, I rode my bike and Ba Ba and Mommy played a game of ladder ball. After going back and forth for awhile, Ba Ba won.

Ending the night with s’mores!

Starting off Saturday with a yummy breakfast of cereal, pop-tarts, bacon, and whatever we could scrounge off of the other families.

Matthew had fun riding around with Lainey and Daddy.

Lots of baseball was played this weekend.

Mommy took us on a scavenger hunt for several things, including these pine cones.

Sleeping Queens was the most popular game of the weekend.

Brody practicing his kayak skills.

Time for more swimming!

A couple of hours into our swim time, we had a very sad incident occur…I lost my ice dragon floatie to the winds of the Columbia River. Daddy went through the green sludge in an attempt to get it, but the wind was too much.

I was crying a lot, Lainey was crying for me, and Brody crawled up to snuggle me and comfort me. We were able to purchase a new floatie on Mommy’s phone right there on the beach. It should arrive tomorrow and helped to reduce my sadness.

After swimming we went to get ice cream.

I insisted on the black licorice ice cream. Fortunately the ice cream store employees warned us that it stained, so I took my shirt off. It was delicious!

Aunt Kara got a double scoop, but she regretted that when she saw how big they were and how quickly it was melting in the heat!

After ice cream, we drove four minutes up the hill to the Stonehenge Memorial. Brody missed it because he fell asleep in those four minutes.

We took turns exploring with Mommy or Daddy while the other adult sat in the car with a sleeping Brody.

If you look closely at this picture, you can notice that I insisted on getting on Lainey’s back when Mommy asked for a nice picture. Normal pictures are just too boring for me.

Okay, I’ll agree to one normal picture.

I had fun doing all things rough boy with Stevie and Jackson.

My buddy, Vern.

We did group dinners, and everyone signed up for either dinner prep for one night or dinner cleanup. Our family was part of dinner prep on Saturday night. Daddy and Uncle Alex were great hamburger/hot dog grill masters!

On Saturday night we desperately tried to find the Jr. Ranger program, but it was canceled. So we tagged along for a bit on the glacier talk about how this area was formed, but since it was meant for adults, we didn’t last for too terribly long before heading back to camp.

There was a kids vs. adult Kubb tournament. These three gave it great effort, but they ended up losing to the adults.

Another night of s’mores!

On Sunday morning, Brody made sure to sit close to Olive who generously shared her Cocoa Puffs.

Sleeping Queens while Mommy and Daddy packed up the campsite. It was another successful Robinson campout!

On our way home we stopped in the Tri-Cities for lunch.

And found a playground close by to get our wiggles out for 20 minutes.

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