What A Week (Lutherhaven, Tacoma, and Gooeys)

Story told by: Lainey

Last week was one of the highlights of our summer so far! It started off with Na Na and Ba Ba coming to our house for a weekend visit.

It won’t be much longer before my feet are bigger than Na Na’s feet.

We woke up to a new game from Na Na. We sure love games.

After breakfast we left for the farmers’ market.

We were committed to waiting in a long line for face/arm painting.

After a yummy lunch of Mexican food, we came home to try out the new bow and arrows that Henry and I bought with our allowance money.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the pool, playing games, and BBQing.

The face paint didn’t fare well in the water.

Some people even took naps.

The winning team of Kubb (with Henry kissing the king).

After church on Sunday, our adventures started. Henry got to drive back to Tacoma with Na Na and Ba Ba to spend the week with them!

And Mommy and Daddy drove me up to Lutherhaven for my first-ever overnight camp.

I chose the top bunk right by my cabin sign, Lookout Peak.

My sweet counselor, Molly. Before Mommy and Daddy left, I was already giggling with another girl and couldn’t wait to start camp.

Brody got to be an only child for a couple of days. His request for those days…two ice cream dates! So for the first ice cream date, Mommy and Daddy took him to the Coeur d’Alene Resort for a giant Gooey. Brody got to pick the Gooey (the Gooey Monster), but they all shared it.

They walked around Lake Coeur d’Alene for a bit.

Played at a new playground for awhile.

And went to dinner before driving home. Brody was asleep before they even left Coeur d’Alene.

On Monday Brody picked Ferdinand’s for his second ice cream date.

He next got to pick whatever park he wanted.

Then a movie.

Baking banana bread.

And then a game followed by t-ball. A perfect Brody day!

On Tuesday Mommy and Brody came up to get me! I LOVED camp!!

I was excited to show Mommy and Brody some of my favorite parts of camp. My three favorite things about camp were: 1) Dancing to camp songs, 2) Being in a cabin, and 3) Shopping at the camp store.

My counselor told Mommy that with my love for singing, dancing, and people, that I would be a great camp counselor some day. My counselor didn’t know this, but that is EXACTLY what I previously told Mommy and Daddy I want to do in college!

My cabin!

Meanwhile Henry was having so much fun in Tacoma!

Henry’s main request for the week was to ride the bus. So Na Na and Henry took it to the children’s museum one day.

Daddy is coaching Brody’s t-ball team, and they had their first game on Wednesday night.

Mac is on Brody’s team!

On Thursday Mommy met Na Na halfway to get Henry. He had SUCH a great week! But we sure missed him and were so happy to have him home!

Henry even brought home his batch of strawberry jam that he made with Na Na. We’ve been enjoying it on English muffins every morning!

On Saturday morning we were out of the house bright and early for a yummy breakfast at the Co-Op.

Then we went to explore a new hiking area, Idler’s Rest.

Brody liked this hike much better than the last one because it is fairly flat.

We ended Saturday with sprinkler play and ribs. Nothing better!

And on Sunday we went to the Knight’s house to celebrate their new house! This group of boys chose to stay parked at the snack bowl until every last bit was gone.

We ended the night with ice cream cones. We love summer!

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