First Camping Trip of the Summer!

Story told by: Brody

We’ve been counting down the days until our first camping trip of the summer, and we weren’t disappointed by this weekend! We met Mommy’s WSU education buddies and their families at Wenatchee Confluence State Park.

I was very good at helping Daddy set up the tent.

Yummy tacos for dinner.

I requested only shredded cheese and a tortilla (of which I just ate the tortilla).

Henry said, “Here’s my chip face.”

There was great visibility for the parents, so us kids rode bikes all over the campground this weekend.

Henry is big into skipping bars on the monkey bars, so he was able to demonstrate that this weekend.

Garris and Lainey had fun playing together on Friday night. He just finished first grade as well.

This train track that Claire’s family brought was genius. We loved it!

And this is what I’ve been most looking forward to…a campfire for s’mores!

Garris was a good buddy to me this weekend.

And Henry was a good buddy to Owen.

After a horrible night of sleep (in fact, both nights were horribly bad due to strong winds keeping us awake) we dragged ourselves out of the tent bright and early for breakfast and allllllll the coffee for Mommy and Daddy.

Nothing beats camping breakfast – sugary cereal and a sugary pop-tart. We loved it! (Mommy and Daddy did make us eat some bacon and fruit later on.)

Mommy got in some great baby snuggles this weekend. This is baby Ava.

Lainey was a good buddy to Myla this weekend.

After breakfast I tried my first time on a pedal bike. I am so proud of myself because I’m starting to get it!

We went down to the swimming area for 4 1/2 hours on Saturday. It was awesome. We got to use our new floaties from Grandma and Grandpa!

And we spent lots of time building sand castles.

Mommy’s good friends from college – Jessica, Danielle, and Michelle.

And their eleven kids in order from oldest to youngest!

More baby snuggles! This is baby Hallie.

Claire and Lainey loved that unicorn.

Henry, Garris, and Daddy had some great water fights.

Henry spent a lot of time panning for seashells.

And then he wanted to be buried in the sand (but he needed Mommy’s sunglasses to keep the sun out of his eyes).

Claire Bear (as I quickly began calling her) was my special buddy this weekend.

She received many hugs from me.

After hours at the lake, the drinks came out at the campsite and the adults played a fun game of Kuub.

Daddy and Nick were the champions!

The hammock was one of my favorite activities.

Not everyone managed to stay in the hammock.

Our faces after Gatorade, Red Vines, Cheetos, and Oreos. Camping food is always the best.

Mommy and I played some games.

And finally time for s’mores again. This time I roasted my marshmallow all by myself!

I also enjoyed Myla this weekend. I asked her to marry me, but she said “no.” I see she’s playing hard to get. I’ll give her some time to change her mind.

These girls were three peas in a pod this weekend.

After we went to bed at 10 each night, Mommy and Daddy stayed up too late around the campfire because they love this part of camping!

On the second night, Lainey got so scared from the wind that Daddy slept in her bed (and her small sleeping bag that wouldn’t go over his hips) so Lainey could sleep in the big bed with Mommy.

Henry and I got to enjoy the babies as well this weekend.

Some time at the playground while Daddy loaded the car.

And how every camping trip ends…GIANT coffees for the ride home and crabby kids in the back!

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