First Weeks of Summer

Story told by: Henry

We’ve had a great first few weeks of summer! Here are some of the highlights.

We started swim with Dede! In order to make Mommy’s life easier, Dede asked if she wanted to see if Brody could move into Henry’s swim class. Mommy said, “Of course!” and Brody did great in my class.

Lainey had her class right after our class.

We had Harper in our class, and Brody decided he wanted to marry her, which he loudly and proudly declared to anyone who would listen.

Evan, Ivy, and Lainey have been in Dede’s class together since they were three.

Here goes Brody!

Here I go!

Both of us!

And Lainey!

Dede doesn’t care if it’s raining or not. Swim is on no matter what. Here’s how Mommy and Christy felt about that.

We get lollipops on our last day of swim with Dede. These two just completed their fifth and final summer with Dede!

We are now some pretty confident swimmers!

I’ve been loving holding Mommy’s hand on our walks.

Lainey did great at her first piano recital! (Lainey’s teacher doesn’t require students to do the recital during their first semester of piano, but Lainey really wanted to do it.)

Park dates are happening often!

Lainey’s good buddy, Stella, just moved back to Spokane from South Carolina. They came down to play at the park and have a picnic.

I was so proud to show off the hammer and nails that I found at the park. I didn’t quite understand why Mommy wouldn’t let me keep them.

We also had Evan and Kylee join us that day.

Thank goodness for a big car because we’ve been cramming it full of kids!

Water play!

And otter pops!

Lainey is on week two of summer. Before school finished, Colton had their traditional picnic down at Hells Gate State Park. They had a water gun fight after lunch!

Last day as a first grader!

She’s ready for second grade!

Our traditional last-night-of-school sleepover!

Lainey saved up her allowance to buy roller skates. She and Caleb had fun skating together.

I want a skateboard as well, so I’m helping with extra chores around the house to earn money. (When a seven-year-old takes the picture, you might get her finger in the corner of it.)

We’ve wrapped up our last few weeks of baseball. It was Lainey’s first season of coach pitch. She really enjoyed it!

My biggest accomplishment of the season is learning that the entire field isn’t mine. I need to share it with my teammates.

I requested that we make baseball Rice Krispie treats for my last night of t-ball. They were a hit!

We bought a season pass to the water park in Clarkston. And I am now officially tall enough to join Lainey on the water slides!!

On her first day of summer, Lainey decided to have a sale where she gives away toys for free. There was a lot of singing and dancing to promote the sale.

We had some customers!

After awhile, though, Lainey decided that the big toys cost money.

Lemon ice cream from Ferdinand’s with Desmond!

We celebrated our favorite dad on Father’s Day!

We went to Sella’s for lunch after church and Brody wasn’t having it.

So Lainey and I got a nice picture with Daddy.

And then once Brody was a little happier, he got his own special picture.

Pictures to hang on Sella’s wall.

We went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and to get some books. I can’t decide whether bugs or dinosaurs are my favorite, so I got some of both.

Lainey spent an afternoon crafting her own clothes. This shirt says, “Go girl.”

Here’s to another amazing few weeks of summer!

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