Mother’s Day, 2019

Story told by: Brody

We celebrated Mommy yesterday!

It started with breakfast in bed! This was then followed by lots of screaming from Henry because he was given the wrong cereal. (We wouldn’t want to give her too relaxing of a day, right?)

After the screaming mostly ended, we gave her gifts.

Here is my preschool gift for Mommy.

And my paper for Mommy.

Henry’s gift for Mommy.

And Henry’s paper for her.

Lainey’s gift from school.

We all went with Daddy over the last couple of weeks to make new coasters for Mommy at Wild at Art. I made the rainbow one on top, Daddy made the music note, Lainey made the one with Mommy’s initials, and Henry made the tree with an owl in it.

After church, we got some pictures together.

Mommy sure loves us.

After church, we changed clothes and headed to Southfork for lunch.

And then got the second Daily Grind coffees of the day! (Hey, it’s Mother’s Day…Mommy can do what she wants!)

Mommy had the great idea of hiking Kamiak Butte with us. She loves hiking. So does Daddy. And Lainey. And Henry. But NOT ME!

I required frequent breaks.

And would not stop whining. (I mean, why would she do this to me?!)

We made it to the top, but this wasn’t even halfway through the four-mile loop.


I kept coming up with new complaints. “My tummy is hurting. I should probably stop and eat something.”

“I’m so tired that I’m probably going to fall asleep right now.”

“I can’t feel my legs. I can’t move.”

All of this whining really contributed to a positive two-hour hike.

Everyone else loved the long hike, though! (I don’t understand how I’m part of this hike-loving family.)

After our joyous family time together, Mommy needed a bit of a break, so she changed the evening plans. We got to eat cereal for dinner and watch a movie…

…while Mommy and Daddy got to sit outside in peace and quiet and enjoy a delicious Moscow Mule.

And Daddy grilled delicious steaks and asparagus for dinner. A perfect end to the day!

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