My Fourth Birthday Party – Santa Claus

Story told by: Brody

I had my fourth birthday party today, and at my request, it was a Santa Claus theme!

We naturally had to pull out the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations for this party.

We also had yummy snacks!

Hats for each of my friends.

Eliana was my first friend to arrive.

Once everyone arrived, we grabbed some food and went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Mrs. O’Loughlin organized a fun game while we waited for some friends to finish their snack.

When we went inside, we each got to pick an ornament to color.

After we completed our ornament, we hung it on the tree.

Check out those beautiful ornaments!

We next danced to my favorite Christmas song that I play on repeat, “Santa Baby.”

Next up was the candy cane hunt! We could each find three candy canes.

Our loot!

After the candy cane hunt, we went inside to make a candy cane craft out of beads and pipe cleaners.

This craft got so busy that Mommy didn’t get a picture of anyone’s finished candy cane, but here is my craft in progress.

We next went outside for the red cup candy cane search. Hidden under one of these cups is a hidden candy cane. The first one to find it is the winner. Those of us in the younger group went first, and then the older group went second. Each group went twice.

Shay won for the first group.

Lily won for the second group.

Eliana won the next time.

And Desmond was our final winner.

We went inside for cupcakes, but first I got a picture with Mommy and Daddy.

Four candles on my Santa cupcake!

We took those messy cupcakes outside and gobbled them right up.

I got to open some fantastic presents from my friends.

Thank you to everyone for being so kind with your gifts!

And finally…the best part I didn’t even know was coming…SANTA ARRIVED!! I couldn’t believe it! He said he just came from the beach and wanted to stop by my party. He had a birthday present for me and candy canes for all of my friends.

We each got to take turns sitting in Santa’s lap.

We were so lucky to have Santa Claus come for a visit!

We were all very interested in where Santa was headed as he left.

We waved goodbye to him. After he left, we had a little more play time outside, and then my party was done. What a special day! And now I can’t wait for my real birthday in just a few days!

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