Long Weekend in Tacoma

Story told by: Henry

We got to miss a couple of days of school for a fun-filled long weekend in Tacoma!

Thursday was Daddy’s 34th birthday, so before we left the house, we gave him presents bright and early!

Daddy has been needing some new ties, so Lainey picked out some nice ones for him.

Brody wanted to get Daddy cereal, so he picked out Daddy’s favorite, Life, and his own favorite, Lucky Charms. Brody was very happy when Daddy asked if he’d like to share Lucky Charms.

Mommy got Daddy a new Kindle.

And I was really excited to give Daddy a big queen-size sleeping bag that zips together! (Mommy really likes to spread out the sleeping bags when camping, but it makes Daddy crazy because they don’t zip together. This big one will be perfect.)

Before leaving town, we went to Zoe’s for a birthday breakfast. Daddy got a free birthday espresso shot.

It was delicious!

We stopped for lunch in Ellensburg on our way to Tacoma. Mommy and Daddy made us share a drink, but that didn’t bother us one bit.

I used my fries to put birthday candles on my hamburger.

Once we got to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house, the games came out right away.

Mommy is sure grateful for the birthday boy.

Time for birthday cake!

I was pretty happy to have two scoops of ice cream on top of my cake!

On Friday morning we got up to go to the Point Defiance Zoo. It rained in the beginning, but then the sun came out to make for a beautiful day.

We brought our allowance to buy some fun things in the gift shop. I got a polar bear and a stretchy turtle, Lainey bought a penguin and an owl necklace, and Brody just wanted a sucker.

After we got home, Mommy and Daddy took off for their fun evening while we stayed with Na Na and Ba Ba. They started off with an early dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Then they headed to Seattle for the Switchfoot concert (which was Mommy’s Christmas present to Daddy). Unfortunately the concert was in UW territory. There was waaaaayyy too much purple.

The concert was great!

And like the true old people they are, Mommy and Daddy wore earplugs. Smart!

On Saturday we drove to Aunt Janet’s house to see lots of family. We played MANY games with Carly.

Lainey did a puzzle with Boona.

This game of Rhino Hero Super Battle got pretty amazing.

But down it went!

And then I had a plank contest against Carly.

Lainey helped me win this contest. Thanks, Lainey!

The whole crew.

After we said goodbye to family, we went to the Campell’s house to stay the night. They bought a new house a year ago, so it was fun to get to check it out. We got right to work on painting nails.

Addie (5) and Lainey had lots of fun together.

Us boys had pajamas on by 2:00, and then alternated between eating and watching movies for the rest of the day.

The girls put on their fancy clothes for a tea party after dinner.

Then they did hair.

Lainey read a book to Addie.

And then it was time for a sleepover. Unfortunately Addie may have been just a little too excited, so she eventually had to be removed to her parents’ room. And Brody and I were in the same boat, so we had to be split up as well. It was  late night for everyone. We’ll try again next time!

Karl made us an AMAZING breakfast the next morning! He even bought a special pancake mix with no eggs so I could eat it.

Addie and Lainey requested matching hair, so before we left, Mommy made sure to make that happen.

After this picture, we made the relatively uneventful trip home. Thank you to everyone who hosted us in some form this weekend. It was so fun to get to see everyone!

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