Spring Break, 2019

Story told by: Lainey

We just finished a fantastic stay-at-home Spring Break!

The first weekend of Spring Break had amazing weather, so we went to watch the Cougs play baseball!

We found friends and Butch at the game!

We spent most of our time running around the practice field off to the side of the actual field, so Mommy and Daddy got to watch at least half of the game and only had to drag one screaming kid out of the ballpark. It practically felt like a date.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday and put down new mulch after church.

We were all big helpers.

Henry and I helped put all of the weeds Mommy pulled out into the trash, and then once Daddy returned from Home Depot, we helped spread out the mulch. We finished it all in about four hours!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to fry my own eggs, so we took advantage of our slow Spring Break mornings to learn.


We each picked one thing we wanted to do over Spring Break. My goal was to bake something (mostly) on my own. We look through a recipe book and I picked out a cookie pizza. Mommy gave some guidance, but I did all the measuring and mixing on my own.

The finished product! It was delicious!

That afternoon we took our kinetic sand outside, which made all of us happy. We loved it because of the sunshine, and Mommy loved it because that big mess was outside!

On Tuesday morning we got up early to ride our bikes at the skate park. This is one of our favorite things to do!

After we rode bikes, we met our friends at the park for another day of gorgeous weather.

And after seven years of chasing kids around the playground, Mommy and Christy enjoyed sitting in the sun and (mostly) just watching us play. They seemed pretty darn happy about this.

After the park, we went to DQ to try their new dreamsicle dipped cones. So yummy!

On Wednesday morning, we watched Brody at gymnastics, and then went to the candy store. Brody’s goal for Spring Break was to “eat lots of candy,” so the obvious stop was the candy store.

We found the first flower in our flower beds!

The weather started to get bad on Wednesday, but we still got in a bike ride with our neighbor, Ellie.

She stayed for dinner with us that evening, and we wanted to make sure she had a fun dinner, so we came up with rainbow pancakes. And we had to make sure we had whipped cream and sprinkles on top!

On Thursday we were out the door bright and early to head to Spokane. Our first stop was at Target to get some spring/summer clothes for me, but while we were there, Henry found a gnome. He’s been searching high and low for a gnome for the flower beds, so as soon as we walked past this one, we knew we had to have it!

The real point of our trip to Spokane, though, was to see Mommy’s friend, Jessica, and her new baby (her third child), Ava.

We played outside for a couple of hours, had pizza for lunch, and the mommies got to catch up. It was a great visit!

As soon as we got home, Henry found a home for his gnome. He named him Noney. Henry also knew that Noney was 57 years old because of his white beard.

On Friday morning, we met the Barners at Planet 3 to get out lots of energy. Then we all went out to Wendy’s for a yummy lunch.

We painted some spring pictures that afternoon.

And then because we could, we made octopus pizzas for dinner!

Over the past three weekends in between various events, Daddy has been hard at work on our guest room. He put up dry wall to cover up holes, repainted walls and baseboards (and added missing baseboards), painted closet doors, and then helped Mommy hang up a few new decorations. He did great!

While the boys played Wii, Mommy and I made a beautiful new bracelet.

After church on Sunday, the boys went to the WSU Entomology Insect Expo. (I was sick, so I had to stay home with Mommy.) Henry’s goal for Spring Break was to “be an entomologist,” so this bug exhibit was absolutely perfect!

Brody wouldn’t go near the bugs, but Henry loved them!

Henry’s favorite part was that they each got to bring home a mealworm that turns into a beetle. They even brought home a third mealworm for me, so we get to watch our bugs transform!

The boys ended the day with face painting.

I’m still not feeling 100%, but once I woke up from my nap, Mommy and I took on a giant perler bead creation. (Mommy has declared that she’s ironed one too many perler bead creations over Spring Break and now needs a looooong break from them.)

Ready for school to start tomorrow! The boys have seven weeks of school until summer, and I have eight and a half weeks left! We’re coming for you summer!

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