Mommy is 34!

Story told by: Henry

Mommy turned 34 on March 14th! We had a great day celebrating!

Brody woke up extra early to spend every second with the birthday girl.

Grandma and Grandpa were rock stars. They took all of us to school while Mommy got to cozy up under a blanket and read a book at home. Then they returned with a birthday coffee for Mommy!

After we were done with preschool, we went to Lumberyard for a yummy lunch for Mommy.

I was especially excited to play the Lumberyard video game. I beat Grandma and Brody.

I was also convinced I’d beat Mommy. I won the first two rounds, but then Mommy beat me the third time. I guess the birthday girl should win at least one round.

Daddy is going to work on painting the guest room in the next few weeks, so we went to pick out a few paint samples.

While the ladies shopped, we ate the free popcorn and hung out on lawn mowers with Grandpa.

When we got home, Grandpa started shoveling out the driveway so he could get the grill out for dinner.

And then Grandpa grilled some delicious steaks and asparagus in the snow!

While the adults cleaned up dinner, Lainey created a surprise for Mommy.

A delicious chocolate chip cream cheese cake. Soooo good that Mommy had two pieces!

Then it was time for presents. I could barely wait for Mommy to open my present. I told her the day before her birthday, “Mom, you’re going to love my present because you won’t have to worry about scratching your back ever again.” Mommy must have been so relieved when she opened my back scratcher. (Because of my excitement, this was Mommy’s favorite present.)

For most of present-opening, I sat there and scratched Mommy’s back.

Lainey was really excited to give Mommy new slippers.

An electric wine opener from Grandma and Grandpa.

A new tray for the top of the ottoman.

And Mommy was very surprised to open new couch pillow covers that Grandma had made for her. This was after Mommy had been talking all week about wanting to get out to buy new pillows for the couches. Grandma was trying to prevent Mommy from going shopping because Grandma knew what was coming.

So cute!!

That night I had wrestling, so Grandpa came to watch me while Mommy and Grandma met friends for quick drinks and dessert. Carrot cake was Mommy’s choice!

Mrs. O’Loughlin’s birthday is the day after Mommy’s, so they both got free dessert!

This laughter was the perfect end to a great day for Mommy. Mommy feels very blessed by great family and great friends.

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