My Seventh Birthday Party!

Story told by: Lainey

I turn seven on March 8th, so today I got to have my birthday party with friends a little early!

For the first time ever, I wanted to have my birthday party out of the house!

I love art a lot, so my request was to go to Wild at Art in Moscow to paint pottery.

Since there are tons of breakable things in the studio, we got a babysitter for the boys and I got all of Mommy’s and Daddy’s attention!

We arrived a few minutes early to decorate the space.

And then my friends arrived! Since the pottery pieces were a little more expensive, Mommy told me I could only pick four friends. That was tough for me to do, but I narrowed it down to some great girls. (From left to right…Cece, Ivy, Ani, and Niki.)

First came the hard part of deciding what to paint.

After a quick tutorial, we got to work on our items!

I chose a princess for my project.

While we waited for paint to dry before doing another coat, Mommy had some fun coloring pages and an “All About Lainey” word search to do.

Easiest birthday party EVER for Mommy and Daddy. They did have to help quite a bit, but also enjoyed some time for coffee.

My present from Wild at Art is an awesome birthday plate. My friends and I got to put our fingerprints on it, and the Wild at Art employees will write our names by the fingerprints. Then they’ll put it in the kiln and I’ll get an awesome plate! I love it so much!

After finishing our painting, it was time for cupcakes!

Present time!

Our finished products! They’ll fire these in the kiln, and then we’ll pick them up in about a week. Thank you so much to my sweet friends for coming to celebrate with me. I’m so lucky to have you girls as good friends.

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