I’m Five!!!

Story told by: Henry

It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!

We started my birthday with a slumber party last night. We spread out our pillow beds on the floor and stayed up way too late. But it was awesome!

I was beyond excited to wake up to two things that five-year-olds get in this house – allowance and gum!!

By the end of the day, I’d had at least 20 pieces of gum. In fact, Mommy barely has any pictures of me today without a big wad of gum in my mouth.

Lainey made me a fun birthday crown.

I had my requested birthday breakfast of a muffin and bacon.

Then I wanted to play Chutes and Ladders.

And then outside to play in the snow and the beautiful sunshine!

I really wanted Mommy to capture this snow angel video.

There’s my snow angel!

Inside to warm up with hot chocolate.

While talking to Na Na and Ba Ba this morning, I opened their present – some awesome building straws. We made this fun space ship. Thank you!

My lunch of choice was McDonald’s.

And we never knew this until today…apparently the Happy Meals come with mini ice cream cones. Mind blown!

Next was my birthday party at Planet 3 (a trampoline park) with my friends!

Since today was President’s Day, none of us had school, so we could all enjoy jumping in the middle of the day!

Des and I requested this slo-mo video.

My favorite area was the dodgeball area.

Daniel and I battled. “We both winned and we both losed.”

After we jumped for an hour, it was time for presents and cupcakes.

Our amazing cupcake lady made these cupcakes (with my favorite color, green, of course)!

They were delicious!

We were originally going to decorate with a bunch of helium-filled balloons, but when we stopped at the store on our way to the party, they only had enough helium for one balloon. So I got one helium-filled football balloon, and then we got some random decorations to throw up on the walls. With our input, decorations got a little haphazard, but I loved it!

Time for presents!

And we ended our time by playing games. It was such a great party, and I’m so grateful to my sweet friends who came to join!

After stopping for strong coffee for Mommy and Daddy, we came home for me to open presents from my family. I wore my shark blanket that Weston gave me for most of opening presents.

Mommy and Daddy got me a Tooth Fairy pillow!

The Spotanskis got me some new Perler beads. Thank you!

The Campbells gave me a great wrestling picture frame. Thank you!

Legos from Gma and Gpa.

Gma and Gpa also got me an awesome new bag for wrestling!

And they also got me my own wrestling head gear. Thank you!

A common theme for today is wrestling…a new shirt from Mommy and Daddy.

Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt got me another great wrestling shirt. Thank you!

We spent the afternoon playing with all of my new toys!

Then Mommy made my favorite dinner – spaghetti and garlic bread!

And another cupcake for dessert!

I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. I had such a fantastic day. Mommy is so proud of the kind, caring boy that I am. Here’s to a great year as a five-year-old!

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