Valentine’s Day, 2019

Story told by: Henry

We have had a great Valentine’s week!

The snow just keeps coming down! We helped Mommy shovel for approximately 30 seconds before we abandoned her to play in the snow.

Lainey had two days completely canceled this week, and we only had one day of actual preschool this week. The snow has made this pile huge. And we’re loving it!

Brody loves baking with Mommy, so he helped her make chocolate chip heart-shaped muffins.

Wednesday morning was my Heart Cafe at preschool. Unfortunately preschool was canceled because of a Pullman schools two-hour delay, but because of all the hard work of my teachers, they pushed the Heart Cafe back by two hours and made it happen! We drove slooooooooow to get there, but we made it!

Colton was completely canceled that day, so Lainey got to join us!

We had fun sitting with the Olsen family.

With the time change, Daddy couldn’t make it, but we still had quite a bit of fun!

We got to sit right next to the Knights.

Me and my wonderful teacher, Mrs. O’Loughlin.

She made me my very own set of egg-free muffins. I love her.

We played Bingo for quite awhile with Sarah.

We stayed afterwards to help with cleanup, and we managed to get a picture of all of the Concordia kids! This is one fun crew!

When we came home, we were right back out in the snow. Brody stayed out for a couple of hours, and Lainey and I stayed out for 3 1/2 hours.

Rowan came to play with us for awhile.

I made some awesome sledding paths out of the giant hill.

Lainey and I spent a long time working on our igloos. We made this one bigger so it could be for both me and Brody.

And Lainey’s igloo is smaller, so it’s perfect for just her.

Today for Valentine’s Day we woke up to heart-shaped muffins and bacon hearts for breakfast!

I was the smart one and slept in until 7:15.

Mommy put some fun hearts in Lainey’s hair.

Brody and I also made sure to carefully pick out red, festive clothes.

Today was the day for Brody’s class at the Heart Cafe (while I went to preschool).

Daddy got to join in on this day!

Bingo together!

Eliana came over to play with Brody for awhile.

And then Brody decorated Daddy’s face.

After Lainey got home from school, we dumped out our loot from the day.

Mommy got the heart-shaped meatloaf in the oven and got the table ready for our annual dinner.

We had fun little gifts from Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and Na Na and Ba Ba.

We had our heart-shaped meatloaf, pink mashed potatoes, asparagus, and heart-shaped strawberries (Lainey said they also looked like “V” for Valentine’s Day).

The first thing we got was a photo book from Grandma and Grandpa with tons of pictures of us throughout the years. We loved this!!

Lainey got each of us a new Hot Wheels car.

We each got a new shirt (or two)!

Daddy got Mommy some new coasters she’s really been wanting. Beautiful views of the Palouse!

Lainey got Mommy a coffee card.

And Lainey made Daddy a card.

We ended the night with a delicious strawberry jello fluff dessert.

Brody was not impressed by this dessert, though.

I, however, gobbled it all up (and then Daddy and I ran out the door to wrestling). Such a great week of love!

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