Snow Days/Snow Ball

Story told by: Lainey

We had a great weekend filled with lots of snow!

On Saturday morning, we picked up Ani and went to WSU to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day. They had lots of female athletes there. Before things got going, I went straight for the dance team, The Crimson Girls. I want to be a Crimson Girl when I’m in college.

We rotated stations with each team. Volleyball, rowing, soccer, swimming, cheer, and dance team were all there!

Ani is a year older than me, so we didn’t get to be in the same group, but I did get to have Mirabel in my group!

On Saturday night, Daddy and I got dressed up in our finest clothes to go to the father-daughter dance, The Snow Ball.

Before we left, I thought it would be hilarious to pose this picture. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Our first stop was dinner at McDonald’s.

Then it was Snow Ball time!

Daddy says that once I found this mirror, all I wanted to do was dance and look at myself. What can I say? I’m quite entertaining to watch.

We had such a fun night together! Thanks for taking me, Daddy.

While I was dancing, Mommy was at home with this monkey.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to lots of snow. Mommy and Brody got in some snuggles before making the trek to church.

Chloe sat with Brody for the entire church service and entertained him. She’s the best!

While Mommy got to listen to the sermon, Brody messed with Chloe’s hair, climbed all over her, and read books with her. She’s one impressive middle schooler.

Our Supper for Six group was supposed to come to our house on Sunday night, but the snow was getting really bad. So instead, everyone went to lunch at Southfork after church. Mommy told Henry he could have one more bite of ice cream before heading home, and this video captures Henry’s one giant bite.

When we got home, we went immediately out to enjoy the snow.

We got in at least an hour and a half of sledding!

We haven’t had any good sledding snow all winter, so we were thrilled!

That afternoon I pulled out two teeth within five minutes of each other.

Big money is coming from the Tooth Fairy!

I left a note for the Tooth Fairy. I didn’t give her much space to write, but I knew it would be okay because she’s tiny.

Here I told her that my brother is going to lose teeth soon, and she wrote that she can’t wait to visit Henry.

Today we woke up to a very rare snow day! School was canceled! So we first started on a window art craft.

We decided to make Valentine’s Day cookies, so we started by getting the dough ready so it could chill in the fridge.

While the dough chilled, we went outside. We’d been outside for about 20 minutes when our neighbor Rick came over to build us a giant snow pile. He’s the best!!

This entertained us for hours.

We got to color the snow, which was really fun.

After we warmed up with hot chocolate and grilled cheese for lunch, we took turns rolling the cookie dough in sprinkles.

They turned out great! And they’re sooo yummy!

While the snow continued to fall, we watched a movie and Mommy read a book and drank coffee. We were all extremely happy with this afternoon.

Our art was dry enough this evening to hang them on the window. It was a fantastic snow day! We’re supposed to get even more snow this week, so here’s to hoping for at least a two-hour delay!

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