Christmas, 2018

Story told by: Henry

Christmas was fantastic!! We woke up at 5:30 and immediately said, “Happy Birthday, Jesus! Did Santa come?”

Santa did come, and he brought some great presents!

As is tradition in Quincy, we had to wait on the stairs until everyone was ready. (Mommy and Daddy made us wait until 6:30 before we woke all the adults.)

When we came down, we first checked out the letter Santa had written to us thanking us for the cookies. He loved them!

Then we were allowed down to see the big-wish item Santa had brought for us.

EXACTLY what we wanted!! A car wash car track for me, a “loopty-loop” car track for Brody, and a watch for Lainey.

So cool that Santa took a selfie on Lainey’s watch!

Next up, stockings!

Mommy was pleasantly surprised to find these in her stocking!

And now the kids got to take turns opening presents.

This was one of my favorite presents from Mommy and Daddy!

Brody got multiple games for Christmas because he loves them so much!

I got a couple of awesome LEGO sets. I can’t wait to put them together!

Brody and I got some awesome St. Louis Cardinals robots from Grandma and Grandpa.

Gift cards from Uncle Juncle!

Lainey explaining her new toy to Gma and Gpa.

Perler Bead Batman!

Lots of LEGOs this Christmas.

We took a break once the breakfast casserole was ready. I can’t eat it because of the eggs, and Brody doesn’t like it, so we got some yummy sugary cereal. We were very happy with this choice.

This is Lainey’s favorite breakfast ever (and Mommy has to agree)!

Lainey took a break to make her magical LOL SURPRISE dolls appear in water.

Gpa helped me to transform my transformer. Mommy didn’t know that she bought the advanced transformer for me, and it requires 21 steps to transform. (After four adults had a hand in transforming it, they finally figured out how to transform it long after I went to bed on Christmas night.)

We opened one last present from Grandma and Grandpa. New scooters!! We were all SO excited!

Time for adult presents. Lainey used her allowance money to buy all of us presents. That was really sweet of her.

Uncle Juncle got an awesome Coug sign for Mommy and Daddy!

Mommy surprised Daddy with tickets to see his favorite band, Switchfoot, in April.

After present opening was done, we got outside to enjoy the great weather! Brody used his new walkie talkies.

We spent a lot of time racing our scooters. To Mommy, it looked much easier than it was.

In the afternoon, Uncle Matt and his family arrived. Here is Mommy with all three of her younger brothers.

We loved having cousins there. Hazel (age two) and I were good buddies immediately.

Henry and Graham (age six) were good buddies as well!

Gpa took everyone on a tractor ride again!

Then it was time for the Steck family to open presents.

Back outside for more scooter races!

Cousin picture!

Next up, Lainey had a fantastic idea for an afternoon variety show. She roped Grandpa in as MC and lined up seating for everyone. We all ended up loving this so much!

I provided the intermission entertainment.

And we ended with a finale! This variety show was easily Mommy’s favorite part of the day.

Then Lainey and Hazel had some nail painting time with Grandma.

Brody got to try one of his new games, Yeti in My Spaghetti.

And we ended the night with a flashlight tractor ride.

Such a fantastic Christmas!!

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