The Magic of Christmas (Part III)

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had another great week of Christmas celebrations!!

Brody made a present for Mommy and Daddy at preschool. But instead of wanting to give it to Mommy, Brody argued the whole way home about how he made the present for himself. After arguing with him for 25 minutes, Mommy finally called Brody’s preschool teacher so she could settle this debate. And Mommy won. (Thank goodness for forced gift giving.)

Mommy and Henry went on a date last week. His first request was to get a Happy Meal.

And then he was thrilled when Mommy suggested they go play arcade games at Zeppoz. The games were Henry’s favorite part, but Mommy’s favorite part was when Henry told her that she was his best friend in the whole wide world.

Mommy had a lunch with the preschool board and preschool staff on Friday. Henry ran around with Desmond and Elijah, but Lily and Brody had fun hanging out. As they were getting close to leaving, Brody said to Lily, “I’m going to miss you, but you’re my best friend.”

On Saturday morning, it was time for me and Mommy to have a date. I requested that we wear matching scarves for our girls’ day.

We played cards while we waited for our food to arrive.

Next we met friends for Canvas and Cocoa at Wild at Art.

We were given a little bit of instruction, and then we got to work.

My finished product! I really enjoyed doing this!

Me and Dez.

Me and Cece.

The whole crew! Such a fun morning that I definitely want to do again next year!

After painting, Mommy and I grabbed a quick lunch, and then did some Christmas shopping. (I brought my allowance to buy presents for the boys and Daddy.)

And no girls’ day is complete without a stop at Starbucks!

On Saturday night, Mommy got to go out with her friends!

They had a “Favorite Things” dinner. Each woman picked a favorite thing, and then brought three of those things. They gifted them to each other, so each woman went home with everyone’s favorite things. Such a fun night!

Liz demonstrating how she can use everything that was gifted all at the same time.

Some of Mommy’s closest friends right here!

On Sunday morning, we had our Christmas pageant at church. It was all about Jesus being our superhero, which was really fun! The boys were Hulk and Black Panther, and I got the coveted role of Mary! I was so excited!

Hulk could not have been more perfect for Henry.

They had some interviews with preschoolers in the church bulletin. The question asked was, “What does the Christmas star mean?” Brody’s response is above. Makes complete sense.

Here are some highlights where you can see me saying the lines I memorized, Henry acting out some parts, and all of us singing!

After the pageant was done, we spread out to enjoy the treats from our goody bags!

Yesterday afternoon we all joined in together to make some yummy treats!

Then we put on pajamas, piled in the car, ate candy canes, and drove around to look at Christmas lights and deliver our Best in Show award.

These houses were some of our top choices.

This house was the winner from last year, but we made a rule that the same house can’t win twice in a row.

So we declared this house in Colton our winner!!

Unfortunately they weren’t home to receive our award, so we left it taped on their door. Thanks for some great Christmas decorations!

We ended the night with games, Christmas movies, and pizza.

Another fantastic weekend of Christmas activities!

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