The Magic of Christmas (Part II)

Story told by: Henry

We love this time of year!!

I’m making some great Christmas art at preschool.

On Thursday evening we did one of our favorite traditions – the live drive-thru nativity. We traveled to Bethlehem as if we were on the same path as Mary and Joseph. We had hot chocolate in hand, and loved it. Well, everyone except Brody loved. Brody kept yelling that he didn’t want to go to Bethlehem.

On Friday evening, Mommy and Daddy went out with friends while we watched Christmas movies and ate popcorn!

On Saturday morning we woke up to go to the candy cane hunt at church. We started with some fun crafts!

Brody with his favorite Chloe.

We each ate approximately five pounds of fruit loops in the making of this craft.

Lainey and Ani

Sarah managed to sneak into this one.

Lainey was in the big kid group for the first time.

Lined up waiting for things to start. We were told there were a few special plastic candy canes hidden, and if we found one of those, we get a special prize. And I was determined to find one!!

Go time for our group!

Big kids were next!

And Mommy and Daddy enjoyed this whole event by gloriously standing on the sideline sipping coffee. A. MAZ. ING.

And check it out!! I found a special candy cane!

And so did Lainey! She exchanged it for this owl ornament.

Our bags were filled with candy canes!

When we got inside, I exchanged my plastic candy cane for this candy-filled prize!

We got to do a fun cupcake walk.

Lainey and Brody spent some time reading books to Paul.

On Saturday evening, we stayed with Ashley while Mommy and Daddy went out with some of the teachers Mommy used to teach with at Sunnyside. They’ve been doing this Christmas dinner for nine or ten years (they can’t remember exact dates)!

On Sunday evening we had our big church Christmas dinner!

Miss Kassidy, our amazing Sunday School teacher, made us a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” cake and let us sing “Happy Birthday.”

And guess what?! She made it without eggs so I could eat it, too!

I worked on this balloon for at least 20 minutes. Mommy thought I may pass out, so before I did, she made sure to get a picture.

Miss Kassidy also brought stuff for us to paint ornaments.

The real faces of moms who made it through a wonderful Christmas dinner, but also battled paint, balloon fights, bathroom accidents, and spilled food.

The night did end, though, with some great caroling!

On Monday morning we woke up to a surprise from Elf – Polar Express Night!!

But first I got to go to preschool and build snowmen with my class.

And then in the evening, it was “Polar Express” time!

Mommy was our conductor.

She punched our tickets!

“B” is a little challenging.

We ate a yummy dinner and enjoyed the start of the movie.

When we got to the part where the waiters come to serve treats, we ran upstairs to get our own treats.

Elf brought us these giant marshmallows. Yum!!

Daddy made it home in time for treats and the last 30 minutes of the movie!

On Tuesday, Brody and I got to crush up spices because kids in Slovakia use these spices to make honey and spice cookies.

We used these spices to add to a mixture that made our house smell great!

And then I really, really wanted to make honey and spice cookies, so Mommy just had to say yes!

They were delicious!

We brought them into our classes to share.

We also made ornaments at preschool. Can you tell that I’m loving art lately and want to take my time? Brody, well, he kind of does what he wants.

Mommy got to have her annual book club Christmas book exchange a couple of days ago.

Last night we got to go Christmas caroling with Awana.

I stuck with Weston (although Mommy didn’t get a picture), and Lainey stuck with Niki and Cece.

It was a lot of fun to sing to the community!

After about 45 minutes of singing, we went back to the Awana building for hot cocoa, cookie decorating, and games. Such a fun night!!

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