Thanksgiving 2018

Story told by: Lainey

We had a wonderful time with family over the past few days for Thanksgiving!

Our biggest surprise was the arrival of Elf in the morning! He normally comes in the evening, so this year I was prepared to stake things out to determine who delivers him. But he must have known I was onto him, so he decided to come in the middle of the night before Thanksgiving. That’s one smart elf.

We read his note and found out that he had hidden a new book for us somewhere in the house.

After a quick, yet frantic hunt, we found our new Christmas book!

I asked the boys to sit down around Elf so we could all read this book together.

I started the morning by assisting Daddy in potato peeling.

Daddy wanted to look nice for Thanksgiving, but finds it hard to wear pants after his ACL surgery, so this is the outfit on which he settled.

Next up, watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV!

Snuggles with Mommy.

About 45 minutes into the parade, Na Na and Ba Ba arrived!

Shortly after that, Vern, Matthew, Aunt Tiffany, and Uncle Jaron arrived!

Matthew helped Mommy with dishes for a bit.

Vern was our little buddy for the day.

Next we made some fun turkey hats! Matthew had to nap when we took this picture.

But when both boys woke up, we got a picture with all of the cousins!

Na Na is the turkey preparation champ!

We got in lots of games.

Vern enjoyed Sneaky Squirrel with Brody.

Henry and I worked on a very involved craft with Na Na and Aunt Tiffany.


All bundled up to walk to the park with Na Na before dinner!

Turkey carver!

Mommy took this picture to document that she slaved in the kitchen all day so Brody could eat a roll and cranberry sauce.

We are so thankful that our family could be together for this special day!

The next day was Apple Cup!! Brody chose only the most important Cougar clothing (and didn’t worry too much about things like underwear and pants).

Vern especially enjoyed Hungry, Hungry Hippos this morning.

After Vern and Matthew went home to Spokane, we all went to see the new Grinch movie. It was really cute!

In honor of Apple Cup and the Cougar quarterback’s mustache, Kylan shaved to have his very own Minshew Mustache.

Aunt Tiffany brought some fun things for us to make turkeys out of cookies. Unfortunately she had to leave before we could make them, so we did our best guessing on what they should look like.

Brody’s favorite part was definitely eating the turkeys.

Ba Ba worked on perfecting one turkey and one peacock.

On Friday night the adults went to Apple Cup to cheer on the Cougs!

They had special disability seating at the top of the stadium for Daddy’s knee, so when it started dumping snow, they all stayed nice and warm.

Mommy loved getting to see Taylor at the game!

Unfortunately the game did not go as we wanted. Those darn Huskies ruin everything (like our Rose Bowl hopes). But it was still a much better season than we ever expected. A record of 10-2 is nothing to be upset about. Here’s to a good bowl game! Go Cougs!

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