Pumpkin Carving, Wrestling, and Trunk or Treat!

Story told by: Henry

We had a great fall weekend!

On Friday, we carved pumpkins! Brody got to do his with Mommy while Lainey and I were at school.

Brody helped clean out the pumpkin for a few minutes, but then proceeded to “help” Mommy like this for the rest of the time. I’m sure this climbing and bumping helped Mommy with the fine lines on the Butch carving she was trying to do for him.

Once I got home from preschool and Brody took a nap, I got to work on my pumpkin with Mommy.

Once Lainey got home from school, we got to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and eat candy corn M&Ms. The best!

Daddy brought home jack o’lantern pizza for dinner!

And then the last two pumpkins were carved.

I’ve been loving learning about bats in preschool, so I knew that’s what I wanted. But I couldn’t resist making it a vampire bat.

Brody wanted a Butch T. Cougar pumpkin. Go Cougs!

And Lainey chose a unicorn!

Since we all chose things we loved, Mommy wanted to do a coffee cup (because her love runs deep for coffee), but it ended up looking a bit like a genie in a bottle. Oh, well. Mommy also loves magic wishes, so this works.

Daddy wanted to only carve one hole. He was pretty proud of himself when he realized that it looked like a pumpkin birdhouse. He’s hoping to find a family of birds in it by Halloween.

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early for my wrestling tournament in Moscow. Since I have to check in early, I went first with Daddy when it was still dark outside, but Lainey captured this picture of the sunrise as everyone else came to meet us.

It was another full gym!

Unfortunately there were only two other kids in my age group/weight group, so I only had two matches. That meant a lot of waiting around. But I stayed pretty happy about it!

Brody wasn’t as happy about all of this waiting, but he hung in there.

Both of my opponents were kids I wrestled last weekend. I won this first match fairly easily.

But this second match against Gabriel, I BARELY won. Neither of us pinned each other, so it came down to points, and I won by two points. My coach says I’m doing some strange things on the mat (like rolling myself on my back), so I’ve got some work to do if I want to beat Gabriel next weekend.

I loved getting to stay for the award ceremony this time. First place!

Lainey was so excited about my win that she made me a box full of presents, one of which was this note. It was kind of nice. But kind of not.

The Coug game started at 4 p.m., so we recorded it, ignored all texts/social media, and started it as soon as we got home at 5:30.

Lainey and I were keeping careful track of the score.

After a nail biter, #14 Cougs beat #24 Standford 41-38. Yes!!!! Go Cougs! (And we woke up on Sunday to find out that we’re now #10! Top ten!!!!!)

After church today we got to go to Zoe’s for a yummy lunch.

After lunch we headed back to church to start getting things ready for the trunk or treat. Here’s our Frankenstein!

We all decided we wanted to be crayons this year, so Mommy and Daddy made us a crayon box.

There were a lot of fun trunks!

Trunk or treating with friends!

Miss Kassidy snuck into the background of this picture. She’s silly!

After going around the lot, we sat down to dig into our goodies.

Otto came around dressed as the cutest giraffe.

After trunk or treating, we came inside for some fun crafts.

A Tootsie Pop ghost!

I started working on making some bats.

Here’s the example Mommy made.

Brody didn’t care about the crafts very much. He was more interested in couch climbing.

After the crafts, we got to watch the Charlie Brown movie (second time this weekend!!).

Then it was time to feed everyone with a yummy hot dog dinner!

Brody was glued to Chloe’s side tonight. He loves her!

Eating with our friends.

Two of Mommy’s closest friends.

There was a fun photo booth that we enjoyed!

It was such a fun, eventful day, that we had one very tired crayon on the way home. Time to rest after a great weekend!

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