Fall! Fall! Fun, Fun Fall!

Story told by: Lainey

As much as we miss summer, we really love fall! So many great things happen in these fall months!

This past week was spirit week at my school. Friday was blue and white day, so I went all out!

After school on Friday, we got to make festive perler bead crafts.

On Friday night, Mommy had a bunch of friends over for Bunco. Boy, oh boy, did they have fun!

When you got a bunco, you had to wear these wolf ears.

Most of the women are from Pullman, but here’s the fantastic Colton crew.

Mommy and Christy tried multiple times for pictures, but there was just too much to laugh about.

The next morning I said to Mommy, “Mom, you guys were SO loud last night. You should never play Bunco in a restaurant because that would be very embarrassing for you.” Mommy laughed, but I mean it. Don’t take that show on the road.

On Saturday morning (after Henry got back from wrestling), we headed over to the Colton pumpkin patch. The money earned from the pumpkin patch goes to buy new lights each year for the Colton Christmas display.

On the hunt!

Henry just had to have the biggest one!

I heard at school that they were going to have something called a blue pumpkin, so I just knew I had to have one of those. Here is my blue pumpkin!

Brody’s pumpkin!

Pumpkin patch was a success!

We had to work together to get this heavy load home. (Mommy and Daddy strolled casually behind us while holding hands. And not even breaking a sweat. Not cool.)

This hill was the hardest part.

But we made it home! We’ll carve these pumpkins in a couple of weeks!

We had time for coloring some Halloween masks on Saturday evening.

Scary! (Notice Brody’s missing stick. He managed to break his mask in the five minutes since we stopped coloring.)

We’ve had a blast BOOing people this year. The basic idea is that you anonymously leave treats at someone’s door, ring the door bell, and run away. Saturday night was our seventh (and final) BOO. We filled this bucket with supplies to make Halloween cupcakes, kid activities/art projects, fall hand soap, and lots of candy.

This one was extra fun because Daddy was home to do it with us. He could be our getaway driver, while Mommy came with us. We didn’t get caught (which we can’t say for every BOO we’ve tried)!

One of the big highlights of the weekend for Mommy and Daddy is that after Oregon beat UW (which is already great), ESPN College GameDay announced that for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!, they’re coming to Pullman for the WSU vs. Oregon game next weekend. You better believe that we will be there bright and early (even though we can’t stay for long because of Henry’s first wrestling tournament)!!

After church today, we headed down to Wilson Banner Ranch in Clarkston for a fun fall festival.

We loved climbing the giant hay bales.

Henry especially loved this obstacle course.

Brody’s favorite part was this giant bear, but insisted on hiding in the shadows for the picture. Can you find him?

My favorite part was this hay maze! (Notice my dance pose and Henry’s wrestling pose in this picture.)

Made it to the end of the hay maze. And then we did it ten more times!

We had a lot of fun in this hay jump.

We found Mater from “Cars.”

Our last activity was a wagon ride pulled by mules. They took us all around the ranch!

On our way out, I took this nice picture of Mommy and Daddy.

We had a woman offer to take our family picture. But where’s Henry you ask? Oh just throwing a massive temper tantrum. It wouldn’t be a true family outing without a fit. Overall, though, still a fun and perfect fall weekend!!

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