My First Football Game!

Story told by: Brody

In our house, a very exciting thing happens once you’re three years old – you get to go to your first Cougar football game!! That means it was time for my first game this past Saturday!!

I started the day out with a bang by waking up at 5:15. Never a good sign. Lainey started the day out with a bang by making a sign for the Cougs.

Once we got to campus that afternoon, we checked out some cool virtual reality. (And by “we,” I mean Lainey and Henry. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.)

We next went to Cougville for the fun kid activities.

My favorite was this Butch bouncy house.

I loved it so much that when it was time to leave (and snag this quick family picture), I wouldn’t even put on my shoes because I. WASN’T. DONE.

The temper tantrum continued into the stadium. But quickly morphed into me being mad about passing the regular popcorn stands (when Mommy and Daddy were really try to get to the caramel corn stand…but I wasn’t in the mood for listening to logic).

I begged for these glasses, but then didn’t want them anywhere near me!

Lainey and Henry rocked them, though.

While waiting for the game to start, I went on a walk with Daddy and Lainey while Mommy and Henry held down the fort.

Almost game time!

Before the game even started, I was asking when we could leave. Great start.

Mommy and Daddy initially hoped to wait to open the popcorn in the second quarter, but they made it two minutes into the first quarter before I wore them down.

Lainey was an excellent football watcher. (A bit of a showoff if you ask me.)

I was all over the place. My favorite spot was to be in between Mommy’s or Daddy’s legs kicking the people in front of us. (They must have loved my footprints on their back.) A close second favorite was to be whining and crying while kicking my siblings.

Lainey’s “Go Cougs” signs.

Literally THE ONLY smiling picture of me from the entire game. (And I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s half time and I knew hot dogs were coming.)

A blessed quiet five minutes for Mommy and Daddy.

Henry took a little break in the third quarter to do some coloring.

I did some coloring as well, but I mostly just enjoyed throwing my markers. And crying.

The last five minutes of the game were intense! We were all yelling. (Okay, full disclosure, Mommy, Lainey, Henry, and Daddy were yelling to make the stadium loud for Utah. I was yelling because I was mad and done. But Mommy and Daddy congratulated me on yelling for Utah. Whatever.) The positive…Cougs won in a come-from-behind victory!!

Big shocker…I was asleep within two minutes of driving away from campus. When I got home I said, “That was so much fun. I loved it.” The adults didn’t seem to believe me. Not one bit.

Once we were in bed, this is what Mommy and Daddy opened. They also vowed that I will not be going to any football games in the near future. Or maybe ever.

And just in case they weren’t clear about how fun I was at sporting events, we tried a Cougar volleyball game after church today. And yep, sure enough…it’s confirmed that I’m THE WORST at any and all sporting events. But, once we’re home, I tell everyone how much fun I had, so at least that’s something.

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