Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

Story told by: Henry

We got to spend the past ten days with Grandma and Grandpa! It was a great visit.

On their first morning here, my request was to eat bananas in my cereal just like Grandpa.

I went to preschool, and everyone else walked Lainey to school. On their way, Brody found a giant dandelion.

In honor of their first day here, us kids insisted that everyone match in their Cardinals shirts.

We loved playing “Alligator” with Grandpa.

Brody loved having a reading buddy.

And Mommy loved having a puzzle buddy.

On day two, Grandpa took Lainey on a breakfast date to Old European.

And then a Wal-Mart stop to pick out a new toy.

And Grandpa was the Saturday morning hero when he returned with coffee for everyone.

Lainey and her new toy.

We tried Shrinky Dinks for the first time.

They got so small! We loved them!

On Saturday afternoon, we hung out with Taylor while the adults went to cheer on the Cougs as they played Eastern Washington.

The Cougs had a convincing win, so everyone was happy!

On Sunday, Brody convinced Grandpa to come up front for the children’s message. (Brody may have Grandpa wrapped around his finger.)

After church we went to cheer on the Cougar soccer team as they played Cal Poly.

Brody is getting pretty good at the WSU fight song.

Brody’s favorite mascot was there!

Halftime entertainment. The Cougs won!

We are all loving games right now, so Grandma and Grandpa were constantly playing them with us.

While Lainey and I were at school on Monday, Grandpa took Brody on a date. Their first stop was at Wal-Mart, and instead of a toy, Brody wanted a new game.

And next they went to Southfork for lunch.

Grandma and Mommy completed their puzzle on Monday afternoon!

But before it was done, Grandma caused some problems.

After we picked Lainey up from school, we went to Ferdinand’s to see Taylor one last time before she heads off to college.

We are really going to miss her!! But we’re also so excited for her!

Playing Brody’s new game!

While all of us were at school on Tuesday, the adults went thrift store hunting to find this table to make into a LEGO table. They started by sanding it, and then painting it white.

Grandma introduced Lainey to paper fortune tellers.

Mommy didn’t like her results.

On Tuesday night, I got to start wrestling!! I’ve been asking to do this for a year, and I’m finally old enough.

Daddy took me on the first night, and sent Mommy some pictures.

On Wednesday morning, the adults got to go watch Brody at gymnastics.

Grandpa briefly left for a quick coffee run. Hurray for Grandpa!

Then it was finally turn for my date after school!

Pizza for lunch!

Then Wal-Mart for a toy.

I knew right away that I had to have this remote control race car.

On Wednesday night, Grandma and Grandpa got to come check out what we do at AWANA. Here is a video of the song portion of our night.

On Thursday afternoon, the girls all went to get coffee and pedicures.

While the girls were having fun, we were having even more fun at the playground with Grandpa.

That night, Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa took me to wrestling. I’m the youngest out there, but it doesn’t phase me one bit.

I have a lot to learn about wrestling (so do Mommy and Daddy), but I am so focused and excited about it. Mommy and Daddy are super proud of how hard I’m working.

On Friday morning, Brody got in some games with the adults.

On Friday afternoon, Grandpa and I played tons of games.

Snack on the play structure.

Lainey in her silly fake glasses moments before doing her 20 minutes of daily reading with Grandma.

Grandma helped Lainey figure out her Spirograph.

Mommy and Grandma managed to do two 1,000-piece puzzles in a week. Puzzling champs!

The Cougs had an away game against USC on Friday night. (Lainey got to stay up for the first quarter.) It did not end well (and it may have taken Mommy and Daddy 24 hours to get over it), but we’re ready to watch them win at home this Saturday!

There is a yummy new bakery in Uniontown, so Grandpa went over there on Saturday morning to get some treats.

Grandma’s good friend, Gina, came to visit on Saturday, so we stayed busy with other things. We started by going to Costco with Mommy, and then came home to pick the apples off our trees.

Can you spy the Brody nibbles on the apples?

On Saturday afternoon, we went to celebrate Ashley (one of our sweet babysitters) and Elias getting married. Ashley looked beautiful!

The Smarts were also there, so we got in lots of fun playground time with them.

We even had our very own kids’ table!

After the wedding, it was a group effort for the adults to get the lego base plates precisely glued on.

After church on Sunday, one last favorite stop before leaving town – Sella’s!

Brody and I had our own special table.

We got up to Spokane with some time to play in River Park Square.

We are so grateful for the time we got to spend with Grandma and Grandpa!!

Their flight was leaving at 6 a.m. today, so after a Red Robin dinner, we had to drop them off at their hotel last night. And we were very, very sad. Brody couldn’t stop crying, which was breaking Mommy’s heart, so she stopped and bought us candy to cheer all of us up. It worked.

And after letting the base plates dry for 24 hours, the LEGO table is complete!

We love it! (Oh, and also note the fun wall hangings Grandma helped to hang in our room!)

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