Our First Day of Preschool!

Story told by: Brody

After waiting three years for my turn, I got to start preschool today!! And Henry got to start his second year of preschool!

As is our family tradition, we get to pick out any kind of cereal we want for our first day of school. I picked Cocoa Puffs! It must have been our lucky day because the store only had the family size box of that cereal.

And Henry wanted the same kind, so now we have two giant boxes of Coca Puffs!

I was the first one to get to take my picture.

I was feeling very silly and excited.

I’m pretty insistent on being a “not scary robot” in the future. Seems like a reasonable life goal.

Henry has stayed pretty consistent with his life goal of wanting to be a driver of some dangerous/fast vehicle.

Backpacks on!

Ready to go!

Mommy wanted to attempt a picture in front of the preschool sign, but we really weren’t feeling it.

Nope. Not happening.

Henry’s class is upstairs, and starts 15 minutes before mine, so we went to his room first. He got a picture with his teacher (who was also his teacher last year), Mrs. O’Loughlin.

And his assistant teacher, Miss Stahlecker. We love both of these teachers so much!

Henry will be in preschool five mornings a week, so he’ll spend lots of time in this classroom.

After waiting for a few minutes, it was my turn! Here is my teacher, Mrs. King. I get to be in preschool with her two mornings a week.

And here is my assistant teacher, Miss Tietjen. They are both really nice!

I tend to be a little more timid, so Mommy wasn’t sure how I would do with drop off, but she didn’t need to fear because I rocked it. I gave her a big hug and sat down right away to do some work. No hesitation or tears! I’ve got this.

Two hours, fifteen minutes!!! That is how long Mommy gets to herself on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. FIRST. TIME. WITH. NO. CHILDREN. And she soaked it up!! First up, peaceful strolling around the grocery store.

Followed by a snack, coffee, and a book. GLORIOUS!!!!!

While Mommy was basking in the quiet, we were having a blast at preschool. Here are some of Henry’s pictures she received.

Henry was very proud of this fort.

Henry really enjoys getting to be in class with his buddies, Desmond and Elijah.

Here is a snapshot of Henry’s first day.

And here are some pictures from my day.

And a snapshot of my day! I loved it! (But when Mommy arrived, I warmed her heart by giving her a giant hug and saying, “I missed you so much, Mommy!”) Here’s to a great year!

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