Summer Highlights – Part Two

Story told by: Lainey

The rest of our summer highlights that haven’t made it on the blog!

Brody is very proud to announce that he can now climb to the top of the spider web. He’s enjoying keeping up with Henry.

Lounging by the side of the pool.

I lost my sixth tooth!

Mommy’s favorite summer spot – the Foundry patio with good friends.

I got to do a week of cheerleading camp!

Showing off my moves with Nora and Lucy.

When Alaska meets a Disney princess.

Mommy had made an appointment for me to get a hair trim. But I decided that I wanted to go short!

I love it!!

And I requested a picture with Mommy because now we’re twins.

Concert in the Park and ice cream with Nora and Lucy.

Henry mastered the monkey bars!!

And a special Spokane back-to-school girls’ shopping date. We started with yummy drinks at Daily Grind.

A busy afternoon!!

I brought my money to buy a new doll at Target.

School supplies!

A jacket in Target that I just had to have. I PROMISED Mommy that I would actually wear it.

And a yummy dinner before heading home!

The boys’ bed makes for perfect forts.

We know the summer is nearing an end when one of our favorite events arrives…The Lentil Festival!

Checking out the fire truck.

A picture with one of our favorite firefighters (and old neighbors), Tony.

Ice cream after Lentil Festival.

Saturday morning, ready for the Lentil Festival Parade!

We found Slinky at the parade, and he has some awesome new Coug clothes.

The O’Loughlins bought a new house, and it came with a hot tub! We got to enjoy it at their housewarming party.

Mommy with Liz and Sarah.

The Mangolds live in Houston now, but while visiting family in Seattle, they made a special trip to Pullman to visit us!!

Kate and I were best buddies for the first couple years of our lives, and we quickly picked up right where we left off.

Mommy and Jennisa.

Check out my high dive action at the pool. My first time!

Daddy had to go to Boise on a work trip. Since we only had a few nights left of being able to stay up late, Mommy put the boys to bed, and we had special girls’ night watching “The Greatest Showman.”

Brody did some decorating. And then some cleaning.

The Grunenfelders live near Seattle, and also came to visit for a night. Pictures from our hike up Kamiak Butte.

Crafting with Emma.

Painting rocks we collected on our hike.

Emma and I got to have a sleepover!

At the beginning of the summer I created a podcast on animals as my summer project. (It’s called “Learning with Lainey,” and you can find it on your favorite podcast app.) My last episode was about cougars, and since we’re HUGE WSU Cougar fans, I had to include a little about our favorite team. I got to interview Coug legend, Jason Gesser, for my last episode. It was so much fun!!

We had a yummy breakfast at the Co-Op.

When the afternoon activity is left up to me, this is what I choose.

For the second to last day of summer, we requested a lazy day. We didn’t change out of our pajamas all day.

And we watched three movies. We kept telling Mommy that it was the best day ever.

And for today, our final day of summer, we first requested Planet 3 Trampoline Park.

After working up quite the appetite at Planet 3, we went to Wendy’s for lunch.

Mommy wasn’t planning on eating lunch out, but when a friend told her about 50-cent Frosties, she knew we had to do it.

Brody especially loved his Frosty.

This afternoon we watched a movie, and then went outside to enjoy the perfect fort-building weather!

Tonight was back-to-school night (and Mommy failed to take any pictures). I got to bring in my supplies, see my classroom, meet my teacher (who I actually already met when we ran into her at a park a couple of weeks ago), check out my locker, and get some cookies. I am ready for first grade!! Bring on a great school year! (The boys have their preschool orientations the next couple of days, and they both start right after Labor Day!)

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