Summer Highlights – Part One

Story told by: Lainey

In honor of school starting in two days, I’m posting some of the highlights of our summer that never made it onto the blog. (We have packed so much fun into this summer, that we haven’t always been able to find the time to post about it.)

At the beginning of the summer, Brody and Henry got to take lessons with Dede. Brody was in the first year class, and Henry was in the second year class.

Brody got to be in class with Kylee and Mac. After watching their older siblings swim for the past three years, it was finally their turn!

And the moms all enjoyed being together as well.

Brody cried a lot during the first couple of days, but by day three, he was done crying and ready to swim! Here are a few highlights of his week.

And, as always, Henry was ready to go! Even though all of the other kids in Henry’s class were five, four-year-old Henry fit right in.

Brody’s favorite part of the lessons was definitely the suckers given at the end of the two weeks. You did it, buddy!!

My lessons were the following two weeks. I had rain on my first day, and it didn’t even phase me.

During my lessons, the boys and their friend, Levi, all piled into the changing room to stay dry and watch their shows.

The end of my fourth year of lessons with Dede. Crazy to think that I only have one summer left with her!

We got to celebrate Mommy’s first group of third graders graduating from high school. Rosie and Amy have been some great babysitters for us.

Mommy and her former student, Lydia.

Mommy and her former student, Billy.

Mommy and her former student, Jed.

And Taylor! Who is so incredibly special to us that we’re in denial that she’s going to leave us.

Mommy is still trying to convince her to skip college and come live in our basement instead.

Mommy and Daddy had to say goodbye to their faithful Keurig machine. It lasted a good six years, so they buried it in the backyard and gave it a proper memorial. (Just kidding. They threw it away, and are back to a regular ol’ coffee pot. And turns out they really like the coffee pot!)

Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner on their ten-year wedding anniversary.

This was a common sight this summer as Brody worked hard on potty training.

We got to spend lots of time with the Davis family this summer.

We went to Spokane to meet our newest cousin, Matthew (and to see his big brother, Vern).

Cousin picture!

Park date with the O’Loughlins!

Using recycling to build a rocket.

When you have small friends, this is the result of the teeter totter. (Please note that three-year-old Brody is matched up with six-year-old Riley.)

Mommy is thrilled the Greene family moved here from Olympia!

Mommy walked in to find us dressed like this. Our explanation: “We’re arctic ninjas, so we needs lots of layers.”

We had a girls’ lunch to celebrate Miss Brooke’s birthday.

Nora and Lucy convinced me to try a Shirley Temple. My face shows how much I enjoyed it. It was “spicy.”

We had lots of pool time this summer. Hanging out with Desmond at the pool.

One morning Mommy told us she was going to work out. She came downstairs a couple of minutes later to find us all set up ready to go with her.

Treats on a Saturday morning farmer’s market.

I brought my money to buy fairy dolls at the farmer’s market.

Face/arm painting at the market.

My new desk! I helped Mommy and Daddy with the painting of it.

We got some great cherries from our cherry tree. (Once again, potty-training Brody means lots of bare buns this summer.)

We spent a Sunday afternoon washing scooters. Henry said, “Our scooters are so clean. Peoples are going to be shouting, ‘Scooters! Scooters!'”

Fun with Cleopatra and Ivy at the park.

Henry and Brody got to play on the same t-ball team this summer! (Brody’s first year, Henry’s second year.)

They got to be on the same team as their buddies, Desmond and Elijah.

One of the best parts of t-ball for Mommy and Daddy….for the first time ever, they are not chasing any toddlers during the games/practice. They just get to enjoy the game!!

We went on a hike at Klemgard Park with Cleopatra and Anastasia.

Park time with Niki and Cece.

Mommy and Daddy got to go to a special SEL dinner to celebrate Daddy’s first two patents!

Our neighbors let us come over to pick raspberries. Most of Brody’s raspberries didn’t make it home.

My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kinzer, was nice enough to invite me out to ride one of her horses.

One of my favorite parts was brushing the horse because he loved it.

Mrs. Kinzer’s daughter, Addison, was nice enough to help me ride.

There was lots of ice cream at Ferdinand’s this summer.

My good friend, Stella, lives in South Carolina now, but came to Pullman for the day while she was close by visiting her family in Spokane. I loved seeing her!

A lot of kids piled in the pool!

Paige and I got to do Mega Sports Camp together! It’s a sports camp that also teaches you about God. The best!

Sprinkler under the trampoline with the Evanoffs.

Water balloon fight with one of my best friends, Dez.

These two moved into a bunk bed!

And Brody is (mostly, kind of) potty trained, so he got to pick out big boy underwear!

We met our friends, the Cook family, up at Lake Coeur d’Alene for a fun afternoon of swimming.

They have baby number three on the way!

Ice cream after a fun day of swimming.

T-ball with good buddies.

Team picture!

While I was at Mega Sports Camp, the boys helped Mommy make treats for t-ball.

Mr. Competitive here was constantly diving for balls, rolling across the field, and running as fast as he could. He did it all so he could win a trophy and beat the other team. Mommy had to break the news to him that there were no trophies and no winners in t-ball. He took it pretty well, but was THRILLED when his coach was amazing and surprised them with trophies for the last night.

Summer highlights will be continued with part two tomorrow….

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