Boots and Pearls – Lutherhaven

**Since Mommy and Daddy keep gallivanting around on adventures of their own, we’re letting Mommy write yet another blog post.**

When we camped with our church at Camp Lutherhaven earlier this summer, we heard about a fundraising event at camp called Boots and Pearls. This event has dancing, good food, and a great atmosphere, but most importantly includes a time to raise money to help send kids to camp.

It was especially fun to go with a bunch of friends! We met at the Coeur d’Alene Resort to take a cruise over to camp.

After getting off the boat, I had to take a moment to show my gunslinging skills.

Kylan and I found some great clothes at Goodwill for this event.

Easily my favorite cowboy.

The best thing about Kylan’s outfit is the bedazzled heart bolo tie. I love it so much.

We were thrilled to open up our goody bags and find amazing Lutherhaven mugs.

We’re convinced they make our eyes look amazing.

Kylan found his fellow American patriots.

After listening to Pastor Matt give a speech about his time at camp as a counselor, the guests of Boots and Pearls raised over $100,000 to send kids to camp!!! Amazing!

The girls of the group.

The guys of the group.

And the whole group!

After these pictures, we ate a delicious dutch oven dinner, and then danced all night to live music. So. Much. Fun. We are blessed with some great people in our lives!

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