August Bucket List

Story told by: Brody

School is just around the corner! (Lainey starts in five days, and Henry and I start in 11 days.) We each got to pick three things to add to our bucket list of things to do before school starts.

1. Ice Cream at Ferdinand’s

We went with the Evanoffs to get some of the most delicious ice cream ever.

2. Movie (Originally Clarkston Water Park)

We were so excited to go to the water park a few days ago (August 21st), but then we found out they closed for the summer on August 18th. Bummer!! So, instead, we enjoyed a movie!

We watched “Hotel Transylvania 3.” It was fun! And I wasn’t even scared of it like I’ve been with most movies recently.

3. McDonald’s

The Grunefelders came to visit us for a night, so they got to join us for lunch.

4. Bowling (originally Moscow Water Park)

We were so excited to attempt another water park, but as the smoke rolled in from the wildfires, the water park closed for the afternoon. So after a pep talk from Mom, we decided that bowling would be fun. And it really was!

Mom asked us to make sure our bowling balls were down so she could see our face. Henry obviously tried really hard.

We even got pizza for dinner!

5. Picnic at a Park

We met the Grahams at a park for a fun lunch together.

6. Lions Club Park (in Moscow)

One of our favorite parks!

7. Go on a Hike

The Grunenfelders also got to hike Kamiak Butte with us.

Can you tell how much I love hiking? (I whined the ENTIRE way. Why would my mom do this to me?!)

8. Kruegel Park

I’ve mastered climbing to the top of the spider web this summer!

Lainey with Niki and Cece at the park.

9. Hot Dogs for Dinner

I was thrilled to find that my third bucket list item of hot dogs for dinner was fulfilled at the O’Loughlin’s housewarming party last weekend.

There you have it! All items done! What a FANTASTIC summer!!

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