Robinson Family Campout, 2018

Story told by: Lainey

We had our annual Robinson Family Campout this past weekend in Chelan!

Right when we arrived, we wanted to beat the heat with Molly by running through the sprinklers.

Mommy was sure our tent would fit on the tent pad. Daddy proved to her how wrong she was.

Still soaking wet from the sprinklers, but climbing all of the rocks in Lake Chelan State Park.

Aunt Cretia and Alex made a delicious dinner on Thursday night. They were amazing chefs!

Uncle Steve took on the dangerous job of helping Henry chop wood.

Me with Molly, Olive, and Sadie. Some cute girls.

It may have been close to 100 degrees, but that didn’t stop us from starting a fire to roast marshmallows.

S’more time!

We were WIDE AWAKE for a long time on Thursday night, so while Mommy and Daddy waited for us to go to sleep, they played Phase 10 with Grandma Jackie and Uncle Larry.

Breakfast time!

The fantastic breakfast cook!

We got some fun activity books from the park ranger, so we did those after breakfast.

Playground time!

And down to the lake by 10 a.m.!

It was a perfect day for swimming.

Time for lunch.

Na Na and Ba Ba arrived on Friday afternoon, and we were thrilled to see them!!

Na Na came right out in the water with us.

After swimming for hours, we went across the street from the state park to get ice cream!

This little restaurant also had the smallest enclosed restaurant dining room.

Brody did a sticker book with Ba Ba for awhile.

Campfire time. This is Brody’s face once the fire really got going.

Mommy accidentally left the marshmallows out in the 100-degree heat all day, so they melted. A lot. She tried to scoop the marshmallows out of the bag and put them on the roasting sticks, but it didn’t work at all. Thank goodness other family members came to the rescue with extra marshmallows!

Brody and Lyle are living their best lives.

Henry and Stevie loved having water gun fights.

After swimming all day, we passed out very quickly on Friday night.

Visiting with Na Na after breakfast on Saturday morning.

We got to the water park around 9:30 to wait in line. Na Na and Ba Ba biked the eight miles to the water park and visited for a bit before we went inside (and they went to explore Chelan).

Slidewaters was a blast! It was mostly slides, and we could ride most of them (although the boys needed life jackets for most of them).

Brody was initially a little nervous about even the small slides, but finally decided that he loved even the big slides. So much fun! We rode them allllll day long.

Daddy and I also raced down this big water slide. He won, but I think I’ll get him next time!

After spending all day at the water park, here are the boys just minutes after leaving.

Back to camp for a yummy dinner.

This wasn’t all of the younger cousins, but we managed to get a lot of them with Grandma Jackie.

Grandma Jackie with her own kids (there’s Ba Ba on the left).

Molly and I had lots of fun beading together. She even had scented beads!

Henry and Lyle had fun getting filthy together.

Mommy and I modeling the necklace I made for her and the ankle bracelet I made for myself.

Evening playground time.

And back for the final s’mores of the trip.

Brody really enjoyed hanging out with Hannah this weekend.

Ba Ba worked hard on perfecting his s’more.

This is Ba Ba’s “you’re distracting me from my s’more making” face.

Henry and Stevie played soccer for hours this weekend.

Molly and I spent time going through the Junior Ranger checklist in our activity books.

Sunday morning was filled with games while the adults packed up the tents.

It was such a fun weekend! We survived the heat better than we thought we would, and loved seeing family. Can’t wait for next year!

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