First Camping Trip of 2018

Story told by: Lainey

We had our first camping trip of 2018 this past weekend! We went to Steamboat Rock State Park in Electric City to meet the Grunenfelders (who are coming from the west side of Washington) and the Davises (who are up from California for the summer).

As soon as we arrived, Emma and I were fast friends.

We all helped set up the tent.

And I was put to work on the inside of the tent.

Game time!

A picture of the girls of the weekend.

Chelsea, Molly, and Mommy were all friends before they even had kids, so it’s fun for them to all be back together.

Tacos for dinner!

We rode our bikes constantly this weekend!

One of the highlights of our weekend was when another camper came out as a dinosaur and rode all over the campground with us.

Daddy teaching Brody how to take a good camping nap.

As Brody is potty training, we had this view quite a bit this weekend.

After dinner, we went for a bike ride, and then ended up in the water.

After coming back to the tent to change in to dry clothes, it was time for s’mores!! We’ve been so excited for this!

I burned my marshmallow, so Daddy was amazing and gave me his perfectly roasted marshmallow.

So excited to all be together in the tent! (It was 9:45, and Henry’s face shows his exhaustion.)

Brody wouldn’t stop jumping on us, so Mommy threatened him with having to sleep outside. So when he didn’t listen and Mommy followed through with her threat, he enjoyed it way too much. So back inside the tent he went.

The adults played Ticket to Ride both nights.

We love camping food. Sugary cereal, muffins, and juice for breakfast. Yum!!

And Daddy made the best camping eggs yet!

This is shaping up to be a good camping summer for Mommy and Daddy. While they were still very busy with us, they were able to have moments of sitting down, drinking coffee, and watching us play. Awesome!

We went on a walk to explore.

It was hot. Our parents made us walk at least 40 miles (or something like that) in this heat. Mommy and Daddy were the only ones enjoying themselves.

Thank goodness for the lake to stay cool in the heat of the day!

I swam all the way out to that island (with a life jacket on for safety)!

Lunch break! I am LOVING these Cheetos. (See?!? Camping food is my favorite!)

The whole crew!

Brody couldn’t quite keep his bathing suit up.

After five hours of swimming in the lake, we were covered in sand. We rinsed off in the bathroom, only to realize we forgot a change of clothes. So we walked back to the car doing our best to stay covered.

Naked kids!

Back to the tent sites for playing, late afternoon naps, and dinner (and lots of cold brew coffee for the adults).

Hot dogs and watermelon! Yum!

The playground after dinner!

And then back for s’mores at 9 p.m. We love this camping life!

Mommy introduced everyone to Reese’s peanut butter cups on their s’mores, and now they’re hooked!

Eric read us a fun camping story while we ate our s’mores.

Perfect beer for a camping weekend.

After another yummy breakfast on Sunday, we all played while the adults packed up to head home.

Once Mommy and Daddy were packed up, they got in a game of kubb.

Before we left, we got a picture of all of the kids from oldest to youngest.

The adults!

On our way home, we stopped at a small diner for some delicious burgers.

Followed by delicious ice cream!

Perfect for a hot summer day.

We had such a perfect weekend! My favorite part was the swimming, Henry’s favorite part was sleeping in the tent, and Brody’s favorite part was “all of it.” Can’t wait until our next camping weekend!

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