Father’s Day 2018

Story told by: Brody

Happy Father’s Day!! We had a great day celebrating the best daddy I know!

I got up first and was able to enjoy a doughnut breakfast with Daddy.

Before we left for church, we gave Daddy our cards.

I made sure to give lots of my signature wet, sloppy, open-mouth kisses.

Lainey had a special song in her card.

Then we gave Daddy his present!

He enjoys trying different beers. The Co-Op sells individual cans of beer, so we picked out a bunch of different kinds for him to try.

After church, Daddy’s lunch choice was Sella’s.

Henry and Lainey worked hard to get their pictures up on the wall at Sella’s.

Then we went to see “Incredibles 2.”

We ate lots of popcorn, and LOVED the movie! Really fun!

After the movie, we went home and gifted Daddy the opportunity to help us play Wii. (It was really a generous gift from us.)

We ended the night with delicious hamburgers and huckleberry ice cream. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! We love you so much!

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