Dance Recital, 2018

Story told by: Lainey

Saturday evening was one of my favorite nights – DANCE RECITAL NIGHT!! I love performing!

R Lainey Web-1

A few weeks ago, the wonderful Ileia McCall (who also did our family pictures) took dance pictures for all of the girls in Parks and Rec. dance.

R Lainey Web-2

Tuesday 4 15 8x10 print

I’ve been dancing with most of these girls since just after my second birthday.

And here I am on recital night…ready to dance!!!

First up, my tap dance!

The mommies in our class were praising the dance gods that we only had one costume and no hair changes this year (compared to three costumes and three hair changes last year)! We just made a few quick changes in between dances. For my hip-hop dance, we just put on jazz shoes and took off the puffy skirt.

And for the last dance, puffy skirt went on top, black leggings went on, and we added dog accessories.

Me and Ivy!

All of the dogs!

We added this dance less than two months ago, so I was a little nervous about it, but I ended up having a blast!

One of the husbands of mommy’s good friend put together all of our dances into one video. These do a better job of showing the whole class. In the first dance, I’m middle right, and in the second two videos, I’m towards the left.

Although the dances were a blast, my favorite part was getting my fifth year trophy!!

I sure love Ms. Brooke, and can’t wait to dance again in the fall (but I did say that I’m glad for a little bit of a break).

Ashley (one of our sweetest babysitters) came and sat through the entire recital (24 dances) to support me. She’s AMAZING!!

Ashley, Mommy, and Daddy all brought me flowers. I love them!

We ended the night with a delicious ice cream treat.

Such a fun night! I love dancing so much!!

2 Replies to “Dance Recital, 2018”

    1. WOW!!! You were so awesome, Lainey! You ARE awesome!
      I so enjoyed your program, talent and your magnificent smile!


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