My Last Week of Kindergarten!

Story told by: Lainey

Today was my last day of kindergarten! I can’t believe it!

On Monday afternoon, I had kindergarten graduation.

Each student had a cute display set up.

Here is my self-portrait from the beginning of kindergarten.

And here is my end-of-the-year self-portrait.

When I grow up, I want to be a famous singer. I have moved on from wanting to be a sheep farmer because they are too stinky. I do love being on stage, so we’ll see where this dream takes me.

We sang lots of fun songs!

This was my favorite song.

My music teacher, Dr. Miller, set us up to each do some jazz improvisation during graduation.

After singing, we each had our turn to receive our certificate.

Here’s my turn!

Daddy brought this beautiful flower for me.

During graduation, awards were given. I was the only student in my class to receive the American Citizenship National Award for my leadership, school spirit, and respect. Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of me!

Me and my buddy, Joseph.

Me and another buddy, Logan W.

Also a picture with the best kindergarten teacher ever, Mrs. Kinzer. It has been such a great year with her!!!

Class of 2030!

My whole class.

On Tuesday, all of the elementary classes loaded up the buses in the morning to head down to Hellsgate State Park for a fun end-of-the-year field trip. Me with one of my best friends in class, Dez.

Mommy didn’t go on the field trip, but she had friends sending her pictures. We played games for the first part of the morning. (They put the kindergarteners in matching shirts so everyone could keep track of us.)


After lunch, it was time for water play! Joseph and I had fun attacking each other with water guns.

And, finally, today was my last day!!

So ready for summer!

Mommy did a side by side of me on my first day of kindergarten (on the right) with me today. I’m losing so much of my baby face (and Mommy may have teared up over this).

We met up with Niki and Cece (who wasn’t quite in the mood to take a picture) before school to give our teachers their presents from us. We are SO grateful for their hard work this year. We will really miss them!

After just a half day of school, I’m now officially a first grader!!


The rest of the day was a perfect start to summer. Henry and Brody are swimming with Dede right now, so I got to go to their lessons and swim with them during free swim time.

After a couple hours of swimming, we got ice cream! I got to load up with delicious toppings.

We went to Rosie’s graduation party this evening. We had some delicious food, and got to celebrate one of our sweet babysitters (and one of Mommy’s former third graders).

And my request to end the night was a slumber party with Henry! We ate popcorn and candy, and watched “America’s Got Talent” with Mommy and Daddy. Best way to kick off summer!!

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