My Third Birthday Party – Minions!

Story told by: Brody

I’m going to be three on Monday! My birthday party was today, and since I love everything to do with minions, that was the theme!

Mommy worked hard on decorating the house in minion colors.

We had a friendly minion greet my guests as they arrived.

We also had party hats for each of my guests.

And of course tons of yummy food for lunch!

A wonderful lady Mommy knows made these adorable cupcakes for my party!

Mommy got me a special shirt for my party.

I was one excited boy!

Lainey was also very excited, and made sure to pick a dress that matched the colors of my party.

Party prep is done! Time for guests to arrive!

Mommy thought she had everything she needed, but she realized at 9:30 last night that she forgot plates! Sarah came to the rescue!!

Chloe and I have the same birthday, so we made sure to get a picture together. I ADORE her!

All of my minions have arrived!

Time to eat!

Kylee just liked taking candy by the handful.

After lunch, we came inside to play “Pin the Goggle on the Minion.”

I got to put the blindfold on first.

Mommy found it pretty funny.

I did amazing at placing the goggle. There is a slight chance that I could see right through the blindfold, but there’s no questioning it! I’m the birthday boy!

All the other kids got a turn. Here goes Henry!

While the game was happening, Mrs. O’Loughlin took Mommy’s phone to get some pictures of the adults.

Next up, presents!

I received some great minion-related presents!

And some presents that were bigger than me!

Also, some great outdoor presents. Thank you to everyone for thinking of me!

And my favorite part! Cupcakes!!

We went outside to eat cupcakes, and I naturally chose the top of the slide to enjoy mine.

After cupcakes, we all just got to hang out and play, which was so much fun!

A rare picture of Mommy and Daddy without any children.

Some of the adults started a cornhole game, but us kids didn’t let them play alone for long!

Mommy and Jamie showing off their game faces. These faces definitely need some work.

The whole cornhole crew! It ended up being a tie between the teams.

I’m so grateful to have wonderful people in my life. Thanks for coming to celebrate me today!

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