Week in Illinois

Story told by: Brody

After we left St. Louis, we spent the rest of our trip in Illinois with family!

On Tuesday, Grandma and Grandpa took us to Jumping Jax! The coolest place with tons of bouncy houses!

The sun came out that afternoon, so we got out to enjoy the nicer weather.

Grandma helped to build a backyard tent for us.

Henry and I enjoyed knocking it down!

That evening, we went to Chuck E. Cheese! We met mommy’s cousin, Brittney, and her boyfriend there. The pizza was delicious!

We each had an adult assigned to help us with games. Grandpa helped Henry. Henry spent at least 30 minutes playing this game. He loved it!

Mommy was with me! I spent a lot of time riding rides like this one.

But I also spent some time demonstrating my impeccable form on Skee-Ball.

Grandma went with Lainey while she played games.

Lainey also got to meet Chuck E. Cheese! (Henry and I were too busy with our games to bother with this guy.)

We got amazing amounts of TV time on this trip, and we loved every minute of it!

Grandpa went out to buy us Play-Doh, which kept us entertained for quite awhile.

On Wednesday afternoon, we traveled to Quincy to see Gma and Gpa! Before we left, Mommy and Grandma were convinced that there was no way Grandpa could get everything in the car, but this picture shows him smugly proving them wrong.

On our way to Quincy!

Right when we arrived, Gma told us that the Easter Bunny had delivered some treats to Quincy because he knew we would be there. So nice of him!

Henry loves the game Trouble right now, so Mommy’s cousin, Ryan, played a lot of games of this with him! (And Grandma and Grandma joined in on their fair share as well.)

I threw approximately 3,500 fits on this trip. This fit was over healthy breakfast choices that Mommy wanted me to make.

But don’t worry. Gma made sure that I didn’t have to eat anything too healthy. I got a delicious chocolate rice krispie treat instead.

More Trouble!

Gma treated us to a fun morning at Bonkers!

And delicious pizza for lunch!

The weather was getting much better than earlier in the week, so we loved getting outside! We got a picture with four generations.

Gma and Mommy had a fun trip out to the store.

Ryan, Mommy, and Lainey worked on a puzzle, but were very bummed to find out that a piece was missing!

And the very same thing happened to the adults that night! Darn!

The adults discovered, though, that their missing puzzle piece was likely due to Gma’s new puppy.

Some early-morning bike riding with Ryan!

We all went to IHOP for breakfast on Friday! (And that means that by the time the adults were finally ready to roll at 10 a.m., we had already had pre-breakfast at 6 a.m., and were ready for real breakfast with everyone else!)

Lainey got cupcake pancakes!

And I got a smiley face pancake! My favorite part were the chocolate chips!

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the store to get a new toy, so we came home to play with them.

While everyone else was playing, I was supposed to be napping.

But I just wasn’t feeling it.

So we packed everyone up to get to the park. And I promptly fell asleep 20 seconds before we reached the park.

Thankfully Mommy had a coffee, so she sat in the car with me for my quick nap, while Lainey and Henry went to play with Grandma and Grandpa.

After I woke up, we went to join everyone at the playground.

Then back to Gma and Gpa’s house for more outside time.

Since we didn’t have our helmets, Grandma went very slowly.

Grandpa and Lainey have been working on a dance. It was finally time for them to perform!

We did a craft with Grandma on Friday evening. Can you guess which one is my masterpiece? (You can’t make a true artist follow directions. He just feels his art.)

On Saturday morning, we woke up to find that Gpa had arrived late the night before from his business trip! It was a bummer that he had to be away (he really wished he could have been with us), but we’re glad we got a few hours with him!

Then it was time to drive to St. Louis so we could get on a plane to head home. We are sure going to miss Grandma and Grandpa a lot!

The return trip was not as great as the way to St. Louis, mostly because I was much more tired.

In and amongst my many temper tantrums and Henry acting like an insane monkey, we watched slot machines on our layover in Las Vegas. They helped! And on the last leg into Spokane, I passed out for the last hour of the flight (even slept through the landing). Hallelujah! It wasn’t pretty, but we made it home!

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