Easter Weekend, 2018

Story told by: Henry

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend!

Brody and I started the weekend by making Easter treats with Mommy on Friday.

We made bird nest cookies (no-bake cookies with Cadbury eggs in them)! Yum!

After Lainey got home from the school (it’s the start of Spring Break!!!), we dyed eggs.

After coloring them, we decorated a few with stickers.

On Saturday morning, we headed to Pullman for the annual egg hunt!

Lainey found Ivy!

And we found Mac!

Jeremy and Daddy found free Mountain Dew that they don’t even drink. But had to get because it was free.

We found the Easter Bunny! And none of us were scared of him!

The younger kids started their hunt right at 10:00. Brody was in the two-year-old section.

Chloe and Lainey cheered him on.

I was in the four-year-old section!

Daddy cheered me on!

Desmond and I were rebels by being on the other side of the rope.

Time to get some eggs!

Brody did really well!

Daddy got a cool video of my egg hunt! I had a blast!

After our egg hunt, we met up with Ivy and Evan for the big kid egg hunt.

Mommy was feeling nostalgic and found this picture of these three from four years ago. Evan and his ladies!

And she’s off!


After the egg hunt, we went to Mirabel’s house for her annual Easter brunch. Always delicious food!

While Mommy talked with friends and ate her meal, Daddy brought us outside to run around and play.

Later that afternoon, Lainey had her first soccer game!

Coach Daddy helped the team warm up.

Brody and I cheered the team on for awhile, but then spent most of the game covering ourselves in the dirt behind us.

Lainey would much rather skip and dance around the field, so at halftime, Mommy reminded Lainey to put on her game face and be aggressive. Lainey’s team lost, but she still had a fun time playing!

After the game, Lainey was a little concerned that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t be able to find our house tomorrow, so she wrote a note for him on the sidewalk. “Welcome, Easter Bunny!”

For dinner on Saturday night, we had friends over from church. This is our Supper for Six group.

Before going to bed, Lainey and I made sure to leave a note for the Easter Bunny.

We were thrilled to wake up today to find that the Easter Bunny had indeed found our house.

And he left us a note!

Easter basket time!

Fun candy!

And movies!

Fun cookies from Grandma and Grandpa!

After eating way too much candy, we got ready for church and took some pictures before leaving.

Lainey took a decent picture of Mommy and Daddy!


Time to head to church to celebrate that Christ is risen!!

When we got to church, there was a delicious Easter breakfast! So much good food!

Kid tables! (And Brody is obviously by Chloe because he adores her.)

Then all of the kids got to go out for an egg hunt!

Brody found a special golden egg, so he got to trade it in for a little lamb.

Mommy with her sweet friends Carla, Sarah, Natalie, and Liz.

Church was next. And Brody had a lot to offer during the song.

After a great church service where I complained of my tummy hurting (probably from too much candy), Brody threw lots of fits, and Lainey forgot how to sit with her legs closed and showed her underwear to the whole church, we came home and figured out how much more candy we got from the egg hunt. We are good to go for a long time!

We next went to the O’Loughlin’s house for Easter dinner. First up, mimosas!

We all piled into a room to watch a movie.

It was good peace and quiet for the adults.

After awhile, the dads went out to hide eggs for the third egg hunt of the weekend!

Before heading out, we lined up youngest to oldest.

Time to find eggs!

Checking out our goods.

Next up, beer hunt for the dads. The moms went out to hide the beer.

And then the dads lined up youngest to oldest.

Time to find beer!

They each ended up with a variety of a six pack.

Desmond and I pulled out Zingo and played for awhile! My favorite game!

Time for a delicious dinner! I mostly ate rolls, but the adults dined on ham, potatoes, broccoli, rolls, and deviled eggs. Yum!

Followed by dessert. Most of us got a little bit of each!

To end our time there, Mrs. O’Loughlin got us all kites, so we went out in the rain and freezing winds to fly some kites.

The adults stayed out there to help with any technical difficulties that arose.

It was such an incredible weekend! We are blessed with some amazing people in our lives!

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