Mommy’s Trip to Denver/Kid Weekend with Daddy

Story told by: Lainey

Mommy got to go see Courtney and Matt in Denver the past few days! And we got a super duper fun weekend with Daddy!

Mommy was thrilled with how easy the flight was. She took one tiny bag onto the plane, got to read a book, drink and eat without kids knocking things over, and didn’t even break a sweat (which is common when we’re with her on flights). She soaked it all up because in just two weeks she’s flying alone with all three of us kids, and that flight is going to look very different!

While Mommy was flying, Daddy took us to the science center.

In the past, when Mommy has taken just Brody to the science center, he wouldn’t go near the human body exhibit. But some sibling peer pressure made him excited to give it a try!

Mommy landed in Denver! And was greeted by Matt, Courtney, and her adorable six-month baby belly (that’s a baby boy in there!)!

Matt and Courtney took Mommy right away to a delicious dinner.

But some pre-picture face/teeth checking needed to happen first.

We got in some good dancing time with Daddy.

On Sunday morning, we went to church, and Daddy demonstrated his great hair styling skills!

Sunday was Palm Sunday, so we got to march into church with palms. Love it!

Mommy and Courtney went on an awesome hike on Sunday morning! You can see Denver in the distance behind them.

Mommy did not stretch her calves well enough after this hike because as of now, they still hurt. A lot. Lesson learned.

After church, we got to go through the car wash. That’s always a blast!

Then we got to get ice cream for lunch. Even better!

After the hike, Mommy and Courtney met up with Matt for coffee and lunch on a beautiful day!

Then they went to a candy store to get treats for us. Mommy was pleasantly surprised to find these Zero bars. Not only are they one of Daddy’s favorite candy bars, but Mommy had looked in at least 20 stores to find them for Ba Ba’s birthday candy board for last weekend, but no luck! Although it’s too late for Ba Ba, it’s nice to know they at least exist!

And Mommy found candy for us that made us laugh.

Mommy had to bring a bigger bag than originally planned because she couldn’t fit everything in the smaller suitcase. Daddy questioned Mommy’s need for these boots, so Courtney made sure to capture that Mommy clearly needed them for an outing to Redbox.

While Mommy watched a movie, Daddy introduced us to Mario Kart. We weren’t very good at it yet, but we LOVED it!

On Monday morning, Daddy got us ready and walked me to school. (He took Monday and Tuesday off of work.) He got to come volunteer in my classroom, and then took the boys to McDonald’s for lunch.

Mommy and Courtney spent Monday morning getting coffee and shopping. (And of course buying clothes for us because that’s what Mommy does when she’s not with us…thinks and talks about us all the time.)

And they had to document that for the first time in their 15 years of friendship, Mommy (the gulper) finished a drink AFTER Courtney! Unheard of!

Courtney and Mommy wrapped up the day with pedicures and manicures.

Before Mommy left, she made sure to get an adorable picture of Courtney and that no-name-yet baby boy.

On Monday, Daddy broke our no-TV-on-a-school-night rule and let us watch a movie while eating dinner. We couldn’t believe it! But definitely didn’t question it either!

On Tuesday morning, Daddy dropped Henry and I off at school, went on a coffee date with Brody, and then Mommy was home shortly after this. Mommy is so grateful to Daddy for watching us for four days! Daddy loved his time with us! And she is also so grateful to Matt and Courtney for a wonderful weekend. She’ll be back in September to snuggle that baby boy!!!

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